About FromBrownEyes


Hi, welcome to FromBrownEyes! I am Tess Meyer, and I’m on a happiness hunt.

Years ago, I noticed that I was living my life in a state of habit. I had the same job for four years and the same boyfriend for three…but I wasn’t even sure if I wanted those things. In a weird way, I never really stopped to ask myself if I was happy with where life was taking me.

I made some changes (I quit my job, left my relationship, and moved back in with my parents in Los Angeles) and took time to pause and reflect. It was during this time, October 2015, that I created FromBrownEyes.

So, why do I have a blog? Because FromBrownEyes helps me become who I was born to be instead of who I always agreed to be. This blog is a way to share my experiences and reflections. Here is where you are able to see my perspective, straight from my own brown eyes.



P.S. I post every Wednesday! Subscribe to the right to be notified of new posts.


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