The Art of Racing In the Rain


While recently traveling to Dallas, Texas I picked up a new book to read. I chose The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein. Here are my thoughts:

Here is the quick summary:

This novel examines the life events of a small family in Seattle. As you read, you follow Denny, Eve, daughter Zoe, and dog Enzo as they take their best swings at life’s curveballs.

My thoughts:

I finished this 300+ page book in about 6 hours. It was amazingly captivating and I was hard pressed to put it down. Stein’s style of writing is perfect. He interjects humor at appropriate times to keep the book from being too heavy and he never looses the authentic perspective of the narrator.

What makes this novel so unique is that the dog narrates it! As a huge animal lover, this really appealed to me. It gave me a renewed appreciation for my animals and the trails of their daily lives.

This novel also forced me to consider new aspects of pet-ownership for the first time. Such as:

  • How unceremoniously we throw away an old, but beloved, dog toy
  • Why you should never give a dog a peperoncino
  • And why we should leave the TV on when our dogs are home alone (how else will they learn?)

This book as deeply insightful and was refreshing to read from the perspective of a pup. Be warned though, it can be a tearjerker, so have tissues at the ready if you are a softy (no shame, I probably would have cried if I wasn’t on an airplane).


I love to read! What book recommendations do you have for me? Let me know below.


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