January Favorites 2016

IMG_6772Here are 5 things from January that make me jump for joy. Enjoy!

  1. Waze App: image1I have been exploring LA a ton this month while my brother was in town and this app just makes things really easy. It allows users to send live traffic updates in, so the information is always up to date and accurate. What I like most about this app is that it takes you on the fastest path even if it isn’t the most direct. Especially in a concrete jungle like LA, Waze can take you through neighborhoods you have never even heard of and show you completely new parts of the city. Life is about the journey, not the destination, right? It is a free app, so I would recommend downloading it and taking it for a test drive (pun intended).
  2. Jo Malone Fragrances:image1It is no secret, I love her colognes. For Christmas, I received two new scents: Orange Blossom and Mimosa & Cardamon. These babies last all day and I get complimented on them without fail. They are age appropriate for a wide range of women and are really unique. They are very ‘pure’ scents, only containing a scent note or two (none of that “This perfume is a lovely mixture of vanilla and sandalwood, with after notes of burnt tree bark, lumberjack musk, and a slight essence of wet dog”). Maybe I’ll have a career in describing cologne scents?
  3. Shoes for Exploring:IMG_6943Between traveling and day-to-day exploring, it has been awesome to have some casual and comfy walking shoes. I received both of these for Christmas and have got a lot of use out of them in a month. I opted for simplistic colors like black and white to carry on my minimalistic mindset. They match with everything and won’t draw unwanted attention to your feet in photos while traveling (I mean, I love colorful Nikes but the idea of rocking hot pink running shoes at the Trevi Fountain…too trendy. Stick with the classic black).  Having an uncomfortable pair of shoes can kill a fun day. With either a pair of Nike or Converse, your feet will feel great all day.
  4. Laser Hair Removal: laser-hair-removal-1024x682Well, I said I wanted to try new things and I guess this became was one of them. But, let me tell you, it is nice to not have to shave daily. While exploring Groupon, I found a ton of deals for laser hair removal (LHR) and decided to do some research. I found that LHR might perfectly fit in-line with my more minimalistic and open lifestyle in a weird way. By getting LHR, I can spend less time getting ready in the mornings. I don’t have to frequently purchase and replace my razors (this makes both my wallet and the Earth happy!), and I am ready for anything at any time. Offer to go to the beach comes in during the day but I didn’t shave in the morning? No worries. LHR has my back! I also have a New Year’s Resolution to go backpacking. With LHR I don’t have to dispel embarrassment of not shaving for a few days or figure out a way to get a razor up a mountain discreetly. Silliness aside, I have found that LHR just makes things in my life a small ounce simpler, and that alone makes me happy. It really is not painful, and no, I did not get my face treated as the stock photo suggests.
  5. The Rain:  IMG_6720 (1)El Nino is here and thank God! We have been needing the rain so badly here in California so I am happy to have it! I have found that as long as I have the proper shoes and jacket, the rain doesn’t keep me from doing my day to day thing! Well, I do tend to avoid the freeways because it is true, people in LA really do freak out when it rains…The drivers here are bad enough…

Well there you have it, my favorite things from January!


What where your favorite things of the month? Let me know below.


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