February Favorites 2016

IMG_1811Well it is the last day of February, so let’s wrap up the shortest month of the year with my 5 favorite things.

  1. Museums

    From Portland to New York and Dallas to LA, I always make it a point to check out a museum (or 5) while touring a new city. Museums are a great way to learn about different cultures, history, and social movements, or just provide a great place to get lost in your thoughts. I have no problem exploring solo, and honestly, I often prefer it. I recently checked out LA’s newest contemporary art museum The Broad. I have a full review coming soon, so stay tuned.

  2. Black Jeans IMG_8724 I’ve been on the hunt for a good pair of black jeans and I have finally found them. I got this pair from Paige Denim recently and I have been hard-pressed to not wear them every night. There are, of course, a classic color and shape, but the hip zips and knee rips add a little youthful flare and personality. You can find similar ones (click here) retailing new for $200, but I always get my jeans from Nordstrom Rack or TJ Maxx (where I got these for $70). Can I get a holla for a good deal?! Hollaaaa
  3. Running Accessories                    image1I have really been into running in February and that is mainly due to a few new accessories. The first thing I got was the black headband on the top. It keeps my ears warm (I run at night and the cold wind will cause bad headaches). This Nike headband is made from a really light and moisture-wicking material and doesn’t get in the way of my run, they way a heavier knit headband did. This has been a dream and has totally revolutionized night runs for me. $15 well spent. The second is a ultra small waistpack! It is also by Nike and expands to hold my phone, keys, and ID if I’m running or hiking without pockets. It has been super helpful and is very light weight and comfortable. I do not even notice it while exercising and has an adjustable elastic band that keeps it in place even while running. Props to you, Nike, you know your stuff. Side note though, I have been getting shinsplints recently (I have very high arches). Any runners out there have tips to offer?
  4. Pitbulls 

    This dog breed has such a bad reputation, they are my favorite. Pitbulls are fiercely loyal, brave, and loving. They are playful and fun-loving cuddlers and will probably only attack you with kisses. In the photos you will see Chloe (the beige Red Nose) and Stella (the silver Blue Nose). If you are looking for a dog to adopt, and have the time and energy necessary, definitely check out this love-bug breed. And with all dogs, but especially with Pits, adopt, don’t shop!

  5. Sunsets

    We get some seriously beautiful sunset here in California. Here are some of the ones I have captured in the past month. There is something about watching the sunset that makes me feel so complete and whole. Despite the chaos of the society we live in, as the sun sets, the whole world is beautiful.

These posts always provide me with a great opportunity to reflect back on my month. As I do, I always realize that it is the little things that stick with me the most.  I hope you enjoyed reading about 5 of my favorite things from February.


What are some of your favorite things from the month? Let us know below.


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