My Creative Process

IMG_5261.JPGI love to write, but some times it can be a struggle to vocalize my thoughts in a way that you – and honestly myself – can fully understand. Here, I am going to try to explain what my creative process is and how my writing is created. 

While in Portland (read about it here), I stopped in at the Portland Art Museum. This painting immediately caught my eye.


Without knowing who painted it or what it meant to the artists, I immediately felt that it perfectly captured my creative process.

The inspiration for my posts typically come out of left field. I will be hiking, traveling, talking to a friend, or reading, and a realization will just hit me like a ton of bricks. Not wanting to loose the idea, I will make a quick note of it on my phone and then get back to my activity.

As I sit down to write later, the idea seems so clear in my mind. I feel that I know exactly what I want to say and I know exactly where I want to go with my blog post. Like at the top of the painting, my point seems uncomplicated.

Then as I write, things start to get jumbled. My words and thoughts seem to mesh together, and I realize how many different rabbit holes I could fall into, how many different paths my thoughts could take. You can see this progression in the painting, where the Chinese characters practically create blackness.

Often feeling irresolute and doubtful, I force myself to continue to write, letting my mind wander through the darkness. If you understand that the outcome of your creative process does not have to be perfect (and it probably never will be), you might be surprised at what a solid attempt can produce. I believe that if you write, without motive or agenda, you find the truth in your thoughts. As I ponder and process, translating my feelings into words, things begin again to feel clear.

Right when I think I am coming to the end of the road, a continuing option diverges and the jumble starts all over again. Like at the bottom of the painting, I often complete my writing feeling confused, but content in that confusion. I understand that I do not have to have all of the answers, I just have to try. I just have to take my best shot at figuring out this crazy life. And the mistakes that we make – the backtracking, the jumbled words, and the confusion – just adds to the beauty.

By the time I am ready to complete my post, I find myself with something I am really proud of. Something that allowed me to better understand myself and probe my thoughts deeper and deeper. Something that allowed me to realize and recognize my truth.


In case you are curious, here is why Wang Gongyi, the artist, created this piece:


Also, I find that music can really help spur creativity. I personally enjoy listening to the Productive Morning playlist of Spotify.

What does your creative process look like? Let us know below.


4 thoughts on “My Creative Process

  1. Love your thoughts about the writing process. I find that some things come easily, but so much more often it is exactly as you describe. I’m glad that I found your blog, and I look forward to reading more! Best, Susan

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