April Favorites 2016

IMG_5972Another month has come and gone. Here is what I loved in April!

  1. Montiel. Screen shot 2016-04-05 at 12.34.04 PMThis is my favorite place to buy active wear. Based in California, this brand offers very high quality and extremely cute designs at a cost less than Lu Lu Lemon. Specifically, I love the tear drop bra. I have it in 3 colors (aqua, coral, and black) and think it is the best. The material is very high quality, doesn’t show sweat, and keeps everything locked and loaded, if you know what I mean. This bra is worth the high price tag ($38) and is cute and unique in design. My only complaint is that the padding comes out of the cups in the wash. Although I understand why the padding is removable, for my needs and my body, I wish it wasn’t. Honestly, It makes washing the bra a bit of a hassle, and my attempts at problem-solving haven’t worked, like using a garment bag. Don’t get me wrong though, I would still buy this bra again, just wish I didn’t have to re-stuff it every time I wash it! Also, go up one size. I got an XS thinking it would stretch with time. No. Like I said, they are made of great material and keep their shape and size even after almost half a year of weekly use!
  2. Airbnb. Screen shot 2016-04-05 at 12.26.09 PMI used Airbnb for the first time in January and I have to say I have been hooked since. Jessie and I went to Santa Cruz, CA for a weekend and stayed with a great host family. You will have to sacrifice some privacy if you want to save some cash, but it is a great way to meet new people, learn from the locals, and be in the heart of the city for relatively cheap. I stayed at two other Airbnbs while in Bend, OR this month and had a great experience with both! Try it out for yourself here, and get $35 off your first stay!
  3. St. Tropez Bronzing Mouse. IMG_0519Now that we are putting away the pants and breaking out the shorts, my body was in need of a little color. As I am super pale, burn easily, and have a history of some skin cancers in my family, you really won’t find me lying out soaking up some sun. I instead opted for a self-tanner and this is my favorite so far. It is really easy to work with and develops quickly into a great color. Summer, here I come!
  4. Personal Training. 12439179_10205321599032008_5574122858321996442_nOne of the things I have tried for the first time this month is using a personal trainer. This is a concept that has seemed like a foreign luxury for a long time, but as one of my friends recently earned his certification, I decided to give it a try. Although I love to take exercise classes, having a one-on-one personal trainer, or being in a very small group as we are here, really takes the workout to the next level. Omar, our trainer, is able to quickly correct our postures and create custom workouts targeting the specific areas we are each working on. Since I travel often, I also love that I can learn specific workouts from Omar that I can do in the comfort of my hotel room. Check out Omar’s Instagram for some videos that you can try at home, or comment below if you are interested in joining our workout group.
  5. Seeing Old Friends.

    This month more than ever I have had the chance to see old friends from high school. Some of them I have caught up with every time I came home for a visit while living in Sacramento, and some I had not seen in over six years. With both groups though, it has been amazing to see my old friends, swapping our experiences and perceptions of high school and praising each other for all of the successes and learning experiences we have had over the past six years. It is amazing to see how our relationships with ourselves, each other, and the world, change as we age. These people bring me happiness.

Alrighty, just a quick recap of some of the things I have loved this month! Thanks for reading!


What was one of your favorite things from April? Let us know below.


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