Lovin’ Los Angeles


Life in the City of Angeles.

While driving back through LA on the 110 after a trip to the Space X  Headquarters in Hawthorne, I was reminded again just how beautiful the high rise thicket of downtown is against the night’s sky. Filled with diverse culture, juxtaposing architecture, and interesting people, this really is a special city.

Although I find myself wanting to leave this city again, I do appreciate having grown up in the City of Angeles. Here are some things I have gained:

  • Learning to drive in LA has left me well equipped. LA drivers are notoriously horrible and I am proud to say that in my nine years of driving, I have never been in a car accident or had anything more than a parking ticket.
  • LA introduced me to sports teams. With the Lakers, Clippers, Kings, Dodgers, Galaxy, Chivas, and now Rams, LA has it all.
  • LA taught me culture through art. MOCA, LACMA, The Broad, The La Brea Tar Pits, and the Natural History Museum all litter the streets of DTLA.
  • LA provided me with the opportunity to see some great concerts. With the Hollywood Bowl, the Staples Center, the Greek Theater, and the Forum, every major artists stops in LA on their world tour.

But these fond recollections quickly faded as I was brought to a painful crawl along the freeway. With all these amazing aspects of LA came a lot of traffic, and I mean a lot. I don’t even want to know the amount of time I’ve spent sitting in my car. But I have learned to make the most of it. You can read about my favorite tips for commuting here, but what I got the most out of those lengthy journeys down the I-5 has been a lot of productive thinking about this blog and, in a less-singular vein, life.

With the radio turned off (I think this is a big reason why I have been able to avoid car accidents!), my mind is free to observe the world around me. I find inspiration to write about doing my part in the discarded trash on the side of the highway and why I should broaden my horizons in the buildings passing by.

But more than the city of celebrities, concerts, and convertibles, Los Angeles is my city of love. Filled with my nine aunts and uncles, four grandparents, 13 cousins (and their four babies), and my two parents, Los Angeles will always be home. Like only the City of Angeles could teach, this is where I learned what love and family is all about.


What have you learned living in your city? Let us know below.


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