September Favorites 2016


September comes to a close and Fall is officially here!

Ah, my favorite season! And to go along with it, here are five of my things from September.

  1. Taco Money. img_8019Since moving to Oregon, my parents have been sending me a lot of mail. My mom opts for postcards. She decorates them with stickers or magazine cutouts and draws in speech bubbles that relate back to the postcard’s theme (for example, she will take a post card set in Denmark and will tape a picture of Brad Pitt to it and write somethings like “Even being in the happiest country in the world can’t save my marriage.”) My dad prefers to send newspaper articles with a hidden Benjamin in the folds. This is what he calls “taco money,” or money that can be put toward late night snack emergencies. Let me tell you, that hidden cashola is pretty sweet!
  2. Chef’s Table. screen-shot-2016-09-26-at-1-21-00-pmI am not one for cooking much, but I love to eat. My boyfriend Riley, who is a total foodie, introduced me to this show. This Netflix documentary series focuses on award-winning restaurants and executive chefs throughout the world for each episode. The production value is amazing and the stories are pretty inspiring. The only drawback is that episode will make you want to spend all of your money on really nice dinners from now on.
  3. Memory Foam Mattress. img_8158If you read my August monthly favorites, you saw that I spent a month sleeping on an air mattress (I promise it wasn’t as bad as it sounds). Well, with Labor Day this month, I took advantage of the sales and bought a memory foam mattress. I think these are simply the best and so comfortable, plus the lack of the springs make it so light and easy to ship! I ordered the 8″ Sleep Master from Sears. It has been a great purchase.
  4. Cocktail Dresses.img_8102 Is it just me or has wedding season been in full swing? I have definitely had to break out the cocktail dresses and the one I most loved was from French Connection. Although black and white are the two colors you aren’t supposed to wear to a wedding, I think the mixture of the two colors is really cool and modern. This dress is extremely figure flattering and appropriate for both the situation and my age. Plus, it has pockets, which is always a major selling point for me!
  5. Backpacks. img_8156With the start of my MBA program, I have to include a back to school favorite. I live a mile off campus, so being able to bring all of my in-class necessities is key since I won’t be running back and forth. The easiest method of transportation for me is a backpack, and I opted for all black and a material that would withstand some rain. I found mine from Adidas for under $20 (check the outlets!).

I hope you are all as excited for Fall as I am!



What were your monthly favorites? Let us know below.


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