What I Packed for New York


Sneak peek into my suitcase from my latest travels!

Well, I haven’t let being in graduate school stop me from traveling. In November, I spent a week in New York City.

Here is what I packed!

The weather was going to be in the mid 40 degrees Fahrenheit with rain only predicted one day. Living in Oregon for the four months leading up to this trip, I have really began to acclimate to the cold weather. I first started by picking out my outerwear. I packed my North Face rain jacket, my Forever 21 military jacket, and my Ann Taylor Loft Funnel Neck coat.


To layer underneath, I brought along three sweaters. The outer two are from Ann Taylor Loft and the red and white stripped is from Madewell.


And for even more warmth, I brought along a few tops. Moving from left to right, the black t-shirt is from Ro & De at Nordstrom Rack  and the grey and black long sleeves are both from Forever 21 .


I am not really a dress or skirt girl, so I just opted to bring three pairs of jeans for the week. They were all purchased from Nordstrom Rack and are by the brands Joe’s Jeans and Paige Denim.


For shoes, I brought along two pairs that I can walk in. On the left are Tory Burch leather boots and my Nike running shoes.


I also brought along a shirt my mom got for me in Austin, Texas and a pair of yoga pants from Victoria’s Secret PINK.


To round out the winter wear, I brought along my Marc Jacob’s scarf, North Face gloves, and Stance socks.


All together I had this much clothing. Not too bad for a week in a colder weather climate!


Aside from clothing, I packed some basics: toothbrush (this one from Phillips Sonicare is amazing), deodorant, face wash, face lotion, and Q-Tips.


My makeup is typically pretty simple (read more here), but I keep things extra streamline during my travels. I brought along a Jouer tinted moisturizer, Nars blush and bronzer duo, Becca eyeshadow pallet, Covergirl mascara, Becca highlighter (decanted) and Anastasia Beverly Hills eyebrow pencil.


I also brought along my trust tech gadget: the myCharge Razor portable charger. This is a must for all of my travels, but especially in the city that never sleeps.


Everything fit nicely into my carry on suitcase, which I later swapped into my boyfriend’s hard shell carry on suitcase.


With that, I am ready to take on a week in New York City!


I hope you find this post helpful when trying to pack for your next trip to New York City. I firmly believe that if you can do it in a carry on you should because it saves you some money with the checking costs and guarantees your luggage will not get lost!


What is in your carry on suitcase? Let us know below.


2 thoughts on “What I Packed for New York

  1. First thing I thought while reading was “I finally found someone who shops at Loft as much as I do!” I love this post. Like you, I also try to travel with only a carry on, the only time I packed a bag to check was when I studied abroad for college. Otherwise, carry on only is the way to go for me!

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