IMG_2586Here are a few things that make me, me. 

We all have those special things that we do. You know, the things that make your friends roll their eyes and say, “Oh, Tess,” like when you drink a cold beer outside while in Alaska.

Well, here are a few of my Tessisms:

  1. I have been known to mistakenly call electric drills “electric screwdrivers.” To my credit, I think this term makes perfect sense. Honestly, I don’t even notice when I do it, but the people around me always point it out with a laugh. Luckily for me (but unluckily for those in search of a chuckle), I don’t work with drills often.
  2. Growing up in a suburb of Los Angeles didn’t really prepare me for parallel parking. Honestly, I have probably done it under 10 times in my life and almost every time has required multiple attempts. I am probably not alone in this (hopefully)…many of you might be reading this thinking that you do the same. Well, what if I told you my inability to judge my distance from the curb extends to when I am just pulling into a space on the street. I will attempt to get closer to the curb and some how end up further way. Upon multiple occasions, I have had to turn over the keys to my best friend (and better parking half) Jessie and watch her clean up my mess in one graceful sweep.
  3. In addition to not being very handy with power tools, I also lack a green thumb. Once, I brought home some succulents potted in a glass vase. I bought them because I had heard specifically that succulents were nearly impossible to kill. I came home and started to water them when my then-boyfriend entered the room. He asked what I was doing. I explained I was watering my new succulents so they would grow. He in turn replied, “The only thing you are going to grow in there is mold. Those are plastic!” Classic Tessism. The story spread like wildfire around my work and I even received a postcard in the mail about it from my mom.
  4. I am always reading four books at once. It might seems confusing, but there is a method to my madness. One is always a biography, another self-development focused, the third a business book for school, and the fourth something semi-mindless and easy to flip though during a free 15-minutes. The obvious question is, “Why not just finish one book at a time?” Well, my friends, because I like a challenge..and mainly, because sometimes I am in the mood for one type of book but not another. Needless to say, it keeps my nightstand very full.
  5. Like my mother, I am notorious for mixing up holidays. I know Christmas is the one with Santa and Thanksgiving is the one with the turkey, but when I am speaking, I just blurt whatever holiday comes to mind first and it will often take a few attempts to name the correct holiday. I mean, it is a safe bet that I will get it wrong, so get ready to make some money!


I hope you enjoyed reading about the things that keep me unique and entertaining.


What are some of your quirks? Let us know below.




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