Keeping Active

IMG_0294 It is time to step outside of my comfort zone. 

I have always enjoyed running, and have become more into it than ever since moving to Oregon. I mean, this is the land of Nike, this is TrackTown USA, this is where runners flock. For the past five weeks I have been training for a half-marathon, but with the seasons changing (and the cotton wood out in full force in Eugene), I feel inspired to cross train with some new activities.

The Old: What I’ve Done Before

Tess BBSo, I haven’t always been purely a runner. I have practiced yoga, played soccer and softball, and tried new workouts through University classes or Groupon. Out of the many that I have tried, here were some of my favorites:

Aerial yoga has been one of the things I have loved most in my life. After practicing for two years, I really miss the feeling of my strength in the hammock.


Rock climbing is something that I only tried once, but would love to get into it more. Between belaying or bouldering, you are guaranteed to get in a great workout while facing any fear of heights.


Pole dancing isn’t the most traditional of workouts but it is a solid one. Your entire body is engaged as you use your core to kick your legs out and gain momentum. What I loved most about this workout during the course of my classes was recognizing that body confidence and self-love is sexy. The downside: the pole burn marks and the bruises. My good friend Alex has been taking classes at a pole fitness studio for over three years and is a huge inspiration to get back in the studio!

Golf and tennis are two sports that I want to dabble in more frequently. Just hitting some balls around on a casual Sunday is a fun and inexpensive way to pass a sunny afternoon.


Boxing, kickboxing, and TRX are three insanely awesome workouts that are really fun to do with friends. You will get your sweat on, but you will feel so powerful once that class is over. I have been able to do some TRX work at the gym at the University of Oregon, but it definitely is time to dust off my boxing gloves and wraps.

The New:

While I have definitely tried a solid amount of exercises, there are many more to explore.

Salsa dancing, or any dancing for that matter, is high on my list. My ability to move my hips and follow rhythm is severely lacking. Might need a little liquid courage, or a steady partner, before taking this one on.

Backpacking has made it on my New Year’s Resolutions twice now, so it shouldn’t be any surprise to see it here. I have the pack and the boots, but really nothing else. If you are up for a weekender and have the equipment, let’s go!


Archery is badass. I have a cousin who competes (and wins!) regularly, and every time I see her photos I am inspired to give it a try. Like pole fitness, bruising may be a side effect. I think this is a great activity to try off Groupon.

I have never been a massive fan of water, so kayaking, surfing, paddle boarding, and sailing all make the list. Despite my best efforts, I was not able to go kayaking with Jessie and never surfed even while growing up in Los Angeles. And this Southern Californian has only been windsurfing and sailing once! Chilly Oregon might not be the best place for it, but I want to spend some more time this summer season taking to the water.


Spin or Cycling has been getting so much hype and my FOMO is pushing me to take a class. A solid workout with lots of pump-up music, that is sure to make you feel sweaty and exhausted.  But I hear your butt gets incredibly sore, which substantially lessens the appeal.

Well, my schedule and gym bag are going to get even more packed as I try to take this all on! But variety is the spice of life and I can’t wait to get active in new ways.


How do you like to get active? Let us know below.


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