August Favorites 2017


My five favorites from this month.

August is over and I have to say, I am not sad to see this month go! If you read last week’s post, I’m sure you can understand why. Also, I leave tomorrow for Asia! I’ll be traveling for the next three weeks, but there will still be a post each Wednesday.

Here are my favorites from this month:

  1. Alba Hawaiian Detox Cleanser IMG_2314With summer comes bare legs, and I like to keep mine soft with a good exfoliant. This scrub works up into a really nice lather and doesn’t feel drying despite the charcoal. I also love that the beads are biodegradable and it is made without some of the nasties.
  2. Calvin Klein IMG_2318 Calvin Klein has become one of my favorite designers. Comfortable fabrics and classic designs make CK an easy choice when getting ready. With my summer internship at the City of Pasadena, I needed to add a few more professional pieces to my wardrobe and most of them ended up being CK. I often find that I am dressed head to toe in his pieces – and also smelling of his One fragrance.
  3. Ole Henriksen Truth Serum IMG_2315I first tried this serum years ago and loved it. The vitamin C really brightens up my skin and I am never left feeling sticky. I have been using this at night in place of a moisturizer and my skin still feels plenty hydrated in the morning. The price tag is steep ($45), but I found mine at Marshalls for $13! Plus, I have to admit that I like that this is a Danish brand.
  4. Patagonia p-6 Trucker Hat IMG_2289.jpg I have never been much of a hat person but I have been loving this Patagonia one. Although I don’t like being a walking billboard for a brand, I loved the color, fit, and style of the p-6 trucker. After purchasing it in Salt Lake City, I have already taken it to San Diego and have it packed for China, Singapore, and Indonesia. And speaking of San Diego, the SD Zoo Safari Park is totally worth going to.
  5. Ylang Ylang Essential Oil IMG_2317This is one of my favorite scents. I have used everything from facial oils to deodorants with this essential oil packed inside and the scent makes me so happy every time. A few drops in my diffuser makes me a happy girl – which shouldn’t be too surprising because ylang ylang is an antidepressant!

My favorites usually include a mix of things, instead of solely products, like I have done this month. But, honestly, I needed to just pamper myself a little this month – and beauty products, clothes, and fragrances met that need for me. A little retail therapy never hurt anyone, right?


What have you been loving this month? Let us know below.


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