September Favorites 2017


What I’ve loved this month!

  1. DressesIMG_2354_Facetune_26.08.2017-21:57:13I never have been a dress person, but with it being so hot in LA this summer, I put my slacks aside and picked up some professional ones from Calvin Klein for work. Surprise: they are so easy and comfortable! Why haven’t I been doing this my whole life? I wanted to extend this to my non-work life and purchased a two summer dresses from Marshalls and TJ Maxx, including this green dress for $20!
  2. That Girl – September means the start of my final year of business school! Because school gets so hectic, I need to be really strategic with the types of shows I watch. I opt for light, airy, easy shows that I can have on while I cook dinner and eat, but won’t leave me obsessing over a cliff hanger. New Girl, Don’t Trust The B**** in Apartment 23, and Chef’s Table have been great. I recently discovered That Girl thanks to a family friend and have been loving it! In Marlo Thomas fashion, my mom and I have taken to running around on our tippy toes everywhere. Give this adorable 1960s sitcom a watch on Amazon Prime.
  3. Family Time IMG_0062 Although I was gone for most of the month, September did offer me some final days of living at home in LA. I love my family so much and am so grateful for the last three months we had together! But now it is time to get back to Oregon.
  4. Mobile Passport IMG_7170After spending three weeks traveling Asia and then 20+ hours flying home, I was extremely ready to pass out in my bed. But there was one thing standing in my way once I landed in LAX: Customs. Enter Mobile Passport. I pulled up this free app on my phone and I was through customs in 15 minutes. I kid you not! Have this downloaded and ready to go before your next trip to the US.
  5. Solo Travel IMG_2443 This month I went on my first international solo travel trip. I went to Bali and Singapore and absolutely loved every minute of it. If you have never ventured out solo, I would highly recommend it. I will be posting about each of the cities I went to in individual posts over the next few months. Tune back each Wednesday or subscribe to the right!

I hope you enjoy this taste of what has been bringing me joy this past month!


What are your September favorites? Let us know below.


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