Two Years Later


Time to bring it full circle.

This month marks the two-year anniversary of FromBrownEyes (woohoo!). I cannot believe how much my side hustle has grown and that I have managed to write and run a blog, never missing a weekly post in two years.

When I first started FromBrownEyes, I was 23, had left my very serious relationship, quit my high-paying job, and moved back home with my parents. My life needed a pause – some time to reflect on what I wanted and what was important to me, especially in the context of my next career move. What I found was that I had no idea what I enjoyed nor what was important to me. I had just been doing the same things, going through the motions, for years because that was my routine.

Well, wanting to shake things up, I started trying everything. I traveled all over the US and Europe, I read self-development books, I changed my lifestyle, and decided to pursue my MBA.

If you have been reading this blog since conception (thank you!), then you hopefully have been able to see how these changes changed me.  I feel like a different person. More relaxed, spontaneous, and adventurous. More accepting, conscientious, and intuitive.


But what has two years of non-stop, very public introspection taught me?! Have I completed the goal I set out for: understanding what I want and what is important to me?

In some ways, yes.

In some ways, definitely not.

But, today I’m going to focus on the “In some ways, yes” part.

Here is what I have discovered or confirmed since starting my happiness hunt, as it applies to my future career:

  • Sustainability and CSR is important to me. I love being outside and I want to do my part to protect the splendor around me. I would love to work with a company that incorporates sustainability into its mission statement. Can you say, Tesla?
  • I like being part of innovative change and building things. I am earning an MBA with an emphasis in Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and I would love to put that to use.
  • Writing is a skill that I take pride in. It not only is something that I enjoy, it makes me a greater asset as an employee.
  • I need the ability to travel. Perhaps my job involves travel, I’m set with a hearty vacation package, or I get every other Friday off. I know that I am my happiest when I have a trip to look forward to.
  • Environment is key to me. I have been so happy in the Pacific North West for Grad school, and despite living in Los Angeles until 18 (and then again at 23 and 25), it just isn’t the place for me. Some cities I am considering are Portland, Seattle, Vancouver B.C., Copenhagen, Stockholm, San Francisco, Oslo, Denver, and San Diego.
  • Along the same lines, office environment is really important to me. I am most productive in an open and creative space, filled with natural light and friendly coworkers.
  • I love to read. And if I am not reading for my job (hmm, publishing?), I need to have the brain power to read after I clock off.
  • ICYMI, I kind of love giving advice. Between this blog and working for the University of Oregon as a graduate career consultant for the past year, I have realized how much I enjoy sharing tips that I think will improve someone’s happiness. I, of course, want to do this in a way that is always solicited. Maybe it is time to use my psychology degree in a more official way?
  • I love to collaborate and I thrive on teams. The accountability and the challenge of new interpersonal dynamics really call to me. I definitely want to work in an office where I interact with humans, instead of just a computer.
  • I also don’t want to feel bored with the type of work I am doing. I like the idea of having varied tasks and knowing that each day will be different and interesting.
  • Exercise is important to me and part of the lifestyle that I want to live. I need a job that gives me the energy to hit a Bikram Yoga class after work and run on the weekends. But I also want to get some steps in at work – being chained to a desk is my nightmare (and one that I have already lived).
  • Ultimately, I want to contribute. I love working and being productive, but I need to see the value in the work I am doing. Doing a job that is fulfilling is important to me.  

Well, it seems that I have learned a thing or two during this career happiness hunt. And although I am still feeling very unsure about many things (industry, location, etc), at least I have this list. It can help focus my job search, provide topics for informational interviews, and guide me on my path to discovering my truth. So, anyone have a job opening for me?!


What is most important to you with regards to your career? Let us know below.


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