Keeping It Cheap


We broke.

If you know me, you know I have champagne taste. Unfortunately, I’m living on a beer budget. I’ve written a post on 5 Ways to Save Money While Traveling, but some of us (me!) need to keep it cheap in our normal day-to-day lives. And I am going to show you how, without compromise.

It is time to talk dolla dolla billz, y’all.

5 Ways to Save:

  1. Shop Smart. IMG_4639Yes, even the minimalist in me knows that we all need to buy things. But why not save a few bucks as you do it? I love Groupon. I’ve purchased everything from fitness bracelets to mattresses on there, and have used it for skydiving, rock climbing, and escape rooms too. I also like checking out a local thrift shop for clothing. There are great ones in LA, like It’s A Wrap where you can find often unused clothing from the studios. Can you say Calvin Klein skirt for $12, because I can.
  2. Find the Right TimeIMG_2756I love to go out with friends, and trying a new restaurant is one of my favorite things to do. But eating out and drinking is expensive. Opting for lunch over dinner and saving a few dollars during happy hour are two of my favorite ways to make a favorite past time more affordable.
  3. Play Host. DSCN0291ICYMI in #2, going out is expensive. Host friends at your place for a movie or game night and ask everyone to come bearing snacks and a pillow. Push all of your furniture out of the way (unless that Ikea couch can fit everyone) and cozy up on the floor. Bonus points for blanket forts.
  4. Redo the Rou. IMG_1590Routines can make for spendy habits. Getting your hair or nails done professionally every three weeks really adds up, especially when you can do it yourself with a little practice and the right tools. I also look at subscription services as routines, as the money is just slyly leached from your account. Can you pause your Audible subscription for a month or two and catch up on your unread library? Do you need accounts with both Spotify and Serius XM? Can you get your cell phone bill lowered? There are often so many things that we pay for that we don’t use purely because it is out of habit.
  5. Day TripsIMG_8264Cut the cost of planes and hotels out of the travel equation and explore places more local. Growing up in LA, I have been all up and down the California coast, and now that I am in Oregon, you can find me heading out on a day adventure at least once a month. All it takes is a tank of gas, the right shoes, and a good attitude.

This post isn’t about not doing things. Obviously you can keep things really inexpensive by sitting at home with the lights off eating ramen. But that sounds miserable. I want to live my life to the fullest in a way that suits my student budget, and these ideas hit that mark for me.


What are your tips for keeping it cheap? Let us know below.


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