Minimalism 2.0


Brining minimalism out of your closet and into the rest of your life.

It is hard to achieve something if you don’t know what it is, or are unable to quantify it. So first, let’s start with a definition of minimalism. I choose to say that minimalism is more with less.

What is something that we all seem to have less and less of? Time. So today I want to discuss five ways minimalism can help maximize your time.

  1. Streamline Your Process – Make the things you have to do — but don’t necessarily want to do — easier. For instance, I like keeping my grocery list on my iPhone’s Reminders app, so I can easily hide and re-display the items I buy each week without ever rewriting a list. This saves me time and brain power. Where else can you simplify? Consider your morning routine or meal prep process.
  2. Track Your Habits Screen Shot 2017-10-03 at 7.39.17 AMAutopilot is often so much easier, so incorporate the things you love into your daily routine. By tracking your habits, you can easily see where you do and don’t spend your time doing. Use this to see where you are wasting your time, and to see where you can better incorporate that things that fill you up into your daily routine.
  3. Nix the To DoTo-Do List MatrixI know I can bog myself down a million items on my To Do list, but if you are like me, you need to brain dump that information somewhere. Try creating a Master To Do list on a Google Doc, then break things down by week/month or by priority level (see here for more). When you go to write down your goals for the day, and limit yourself to five important, achievable goals. Start and complete those before moving onto any bonus goals for your day. Less is more when you put the important stuff first.
  4. Remove the Excess – Minimalism is often foremost about limiting clutter. So apply the principles you’ve learned for your closet to your brain and electronics. I have an entire post on 5 Ways to Declutter Your Online Life, but also consider the power of meditation. It is a daily affirmation of the power of slowing down, pausing, and reflecting.
  5. Gravitate to Joy – Let your time be filled by the things that fill you up. Yes, we all have to spend time filing taxes and cleaning the house (and if these don’t fill you up, refer back to #1). Try to fill the bulk of your time (or free time if you are not lucky enough to love your job) with things that bring your joy. Carve out time for reading, baking, exercising, etc. And it is this step where it is really important to learn how to say, “Thanks, but no thanks” to the things that do not satisfy you.

I hope this post inspires you to translate some minimalism principles into your time management process and life in general. If you want to read more of my journey to minimalism, do so here.


How do you bring minimalism out of your closet and into the rest of your life? Let us know below.


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