Swedish Apartment Tour – Pt. 1


Week one is done! Come see what my apartment looks like in Sweden.

I has been one full week since Nick and I left the USA for Sweden. I have been trying to make the move happen since the summer of 2017 (read: Why I Want to Move to Scandinavia), but things really took off when Nick connected with a wonderful recruiter back in February. Eight months later, we found ourselves living in Sweden.

Nick’s company is providing us with a temporary furnished apartment as we adjust to the move. We have the apartment for six months, but will likely find our own place prior to our time ending.

Today I want to share a tour of our temporary apartment! The first video is of the apartment the morning after we moved in. Our goal is now to put our personal touch on it and upped the hygge factor some.

The Before:

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What do you think of our place? Let us know in the comments below.

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