2019 Happiness Project


A year of pure happiness.

Instead of listing out 5 New Year’s Resolutions this year, I wanted to challenge myself to a whole year of happiness habits. Each month will have a theme, something I’ve selected that is related to my life for that month or something I want to be focused on. Within the month, I’ll have a daily, weekly, and monthly goal that I will aim to hit.

JANUARY: Wellness (We can all use a little bit of this after the holidays!)

  • Daily Goal: 5 minutes of stretching on the yoga mat
  • Weekly Goal: Talk with my family and Nick’s
  • Monthly Goal: Build fitness friendships / join a club

FEBRUARY: Hygge (Our belongings will be arriving to Sweden from the US, so Nick and I will be focused on getting settled into a new place)

  • Daily Goal: Enjoy turning a house into a home
  • Weekly Goal: Unpack one box
  • Monthly Goal: Host a housewarming party

MARCH: Friendship

  • Daily Goal: No gossip
  • Weekly Goal: Show up for others
  • Monthly Goal: Bring people together

APRIL: Learn & Grow

  • Daily Goal: Swedish lesson every weekday
  • Weekly Goal: Devote 3 hours to reading (30 mins x 6)
  • Monthly Goal: Visit one new country

MAY: Creativity

  • Daily Goal: Look up and observe
  • Weekly Goal: Water color
  • Monthly Goal: Create something new

JUNE: Adventure (The weather will be nice again, and I’ll want to be outside as much as possible!)

  • Daily Goal: Try or see something new
  • Weekly Goal: Explore a new part of Skåne County
  • Monthly Goal: Plan a road trip from one country to another

JULY: Be Selfish (Focus on myself and my goals as I turn 27)

  • Daily Goal: Do one thing that brings me pure joy
  • Weekly Goal: Think of the future
  • Monthly Goal: Road trip from one country to another

AUGUST: Gratitude

  • Daily Goal: List happiness and gratitude for the day in my journal
  • Weekly Goal: Meditate for 30 minutes (10 mins x 3)
  • Monthly Goal: Send a handwritten letter to express my love and gratitude to friends and family


  • Daily Goal: Spend out
  • Weekly Goal: Buy needful things
  • Monthly Goal: Make a purchase to further my goals

OCTOBER: Love (Nick and I will be celebrating our anniversary!)

  • Daily Goal: Give proofs of love
  • Weekly Goal: Do something just the two of us
  • Monthly Goal: Go on a romantic trip together

NOVEMBER: Be Light (It will be dark outside, so I’ll be light)

  • Daily Goal: Laugh with someone else
  • Weekly Goal: Play time / Play date
  • Monthly Goal: Host a game night


  • Daily Goal: Light a candle
  • Weekly Goal: Make a holiday recipe
  • Monthly Goal: Host a holiday party

It is going to be a big and busy year, but one that I am really looking forward to. Especially as it will be my first full year living here in Sweden. Stay tuned, and happy New Year!


*I created this resolutions list with inspiration from Gretchen Rubin’s Resolution Chart.

What themes would you focus on during a Happiness Project? Let us know below.


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