Cultural Kitchen


A journey of a foodie.

I love food. Cooking it. Reading about it. Learning about it. And, of course, eating it. So for 2019, Nick and I are starting what we call The Cultural Kitchen Challenge.

Here is how it works: Every month we will cook a full meal from a different country – that is an appetizer/sides, an entree, and a dessert.

We started by selecting our 12 countries. We wanted to pick cuisines that we enjoy eating but have little to no experience cooking ourselves. We decided on Italy, Japan, France, India, Spain, Mexico, Cuba, Korea, Thailand, Sweden, America, and Greece.

Nick painted little flags for each country so we can randomly select a country each month…except for two months. We have preselected America for November (hello, Thanksgiving in Sweden!) and Greece for July as my Greek-American bestie Pilar will be visiting and she is a wiz in the kitchen.

Once we select our country, we will plan our menu. We are hoping to select national dishes as much as possible – such as Chicken Rice for Singapore or Fish and Chips for Britain. I’ll be pinning possible recipes on my Cultural Kitchen Pinterest board, so feel free to follow along there. And if this challenge sounds fun, please join in!

See you in the kitchen!


What cuisines would you choose? Let us know below.


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