At My Best


Are you really living your best life?

Instagram is filled with people claiming they are “living their best life!” and we are often asked to bring out “best self” to work and to our relationships. But what does this all really mean? How often do we take time to understand when we are at our best? What qualities, activities, or words do you associate with being your best self?

When I asked myself this seemingly simple question – When am I at my best? – the first word that came to my mind was balance.

I am my best self when I am balanced. This means I have time and energy for all of the important things in my life, such as:

  • Productivity – I like knowing I am contributing to society. Since I was 14, I have had a job. Even when I was earning my Bachelor and Master degrees I worked. Since moving to Europe in October, I have yet to earn a paycheck…and it has definitely worn on me. I am definitely happiest when I am working toward something productive, such as at a job or when earning a degree.
  • Learning – I have a growth mindset, which is heavily reflected in my hobbies. Whether reading something or trying a new recipe, I love learning something new. This desire to learn keeps me engaged in the world around me and makes me more interesting and relatable. From daily Swedish lessons on Duolingo to hearing Michael Pollan’s perspective on the new science of psychedelics, I love taking in new POVs and broadening my mindset.
  • Exercise – Exercise keeps my intense personality at ease. Yoga calms me, running quiets my mind, rock climbing helps me learn problem solving, and calisthenics show me I can move my body in ways I never thought possible. When I exercise, I sleep well and I have a greater appreciation for my body.
  • Emotional Support – I love human connection, and seek it from family, friends, my partner, and coworkers alike.  To be able to show care and concern, and receive it in return, is so fulfilling for me.
  • Exploration – I love having a trip to look forward to, if only just day hiking a new mountain. I feel excited and energized by travel!

Now that I have identified the types of activities that make me feel my best, I need to work to hit a few of these categories each and every day. This will ensure that I am working toward being my best self. I love using my habit tracker to keep me on track with being my best. Each month I set a new set of daily goals or habits that I want to develop. I track if I did my Swedish lesson, read, cleaned, talked with my family, etc. each day. It is amazing how far a small act of intentionality can go!


When are you your best self? Let us know below.


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