Simple Bliss


3 easy ways to bring joy into your every day.

We could all use a little more joy – especially in the simple, or even mundane, everyday tasks.

Here are 3 easy ways to up your bliss.

  1. Bookmark – When I go to grab the book on my nightstand, the first thing I notice when opening to my page is the bookmark. Growing up, I just used whatever bookmark my mom had picked up at a museum gift shop. While these bookmarks served their purpose well, I felt pretty neutral about them. But I realized that I don’t have to feel this way – I could easily take something neutral and make it into a positive experience. A picture of your animal, your child’s drawing, an old boarding pass from a trip you loved are all great options to spark joy every time you open the page. My boyfriend Nick employs this idea perfectly: he uses a small note I mailed him for our first Christmas together as his bookmark. Every time he sees it he is reminded of how much he means to me.
  2. Alarm – Basically, they are pretty annoying. And considering they are something we hear day after day, it might be time to change that. What about a song you love to dance to? Or the sound of birds chirping or a wind chime. Find your jam (and make sure your bed partner agrees with it) and improve your morning in a small way. And the same goes for ringtones. Now most of us have our phones on silent 99% of the time, but for the 1% of the time when the sound is on, pick a ringtone that makes you smile – or at least doesn’t make you feel embarrassed, unprofessional, or stressed.
  3. Lists – People constantly tell me that I have a great memory. I attribute that to two things. 1) I stay as present as possible in the conversation. 2) I write everything down. My boyfriend’s mom mentions something that interests her? Birthday gift for next year: check. We are out of coconut oil? It’s on the list. A friend has an interview on Friday? I have a To Do to send her a good luck message for that day. Writing things down brings me joy because it reduces the stress of having to remember. I especially love my Bullet Journal for this as it so flexible. And you can amp up the bliss factor by adding in some fun doodles, calligraphy, stickers, or just fun pen colors.

I hope these inspire you to take a more meaningful look at the small things in your life and really reflect on how they make you feel. Does your iPhone screensaver make you laugh? What does your iPhone passcode or debit card PIN mean? Could that string of four or six numbers instead spell something, like love (5683), calm (2256), or fierce (343723)? These ideas are just the tip of the iceberg.


What are the small things you’ve taken from neutral to positive? Let us know below.


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