Honing the Search


My top job search tips.

I’ve been job searching for…years. I applied for jobs as a Graduate student, applied for summer internships between years one and two of my MBA, and have been job searching internationally since graduating from my MBA last June. So I’ve had quite a lot of experience recently and have learned a trick or two along the way.

Here are my top job search tips:

  1. Save the Job Description – If you take anything away from this blog, let it be this. Whenever I apply for a job, I copy the JD and save it as a Word document under the job’s title. I then keep all JDs filed on my desktop in folders labeled by company name. This has been a lifesaver so many times, especially as I was applying for multiple jobs each week! When asked for an interview, I would pull up the JD and refresh myself on the specifics of the role.
  2. Call with Questions – If you don’t already have an in at the company, then the next best way to get in front of the hiring manager or recruiter is to call with questions about the role. Guaranteed you will have at least a few questions if you spend some time on it. Doing this gets not only your voice but also your CV/resume in front of the right people. It is a great time to get clarification on the role and compliment it with your relevant experience and skills. I had one hiring manager that told me 160 people had applied before I had and she would not have looked at my application had I not called. I was offered that job.
  3. Track Your Status –  With so many job applications being sent out, it is easy to loose track of what you’ve done. I keep a Google Sheets handy and add every job I apply for to it. I list when I applied, the company name, position title, location, and any other relevant information (full- vs part-time position, relevant contacts, etc). As I progress through the application process, I keep track of all steps I complete from introductory calls to assessments to interviews.
  4. Interview Prep Continuously – Some interviews just pop up out of no where. You have limited time to prep and are also busy worrying about what to wear, what to bring, and how to get there. For years now I have kept a Google Doc with common interview questions and my possible answers. Under each behavioral question I list key points, hitting on the situation, the outcome, and the behaviors I demonstrated. I update this document continuously, even when I am not job searching.
  5. LinkedIn – LinkedIn is my favorite job search tool. I use it to keep up with my network, make new connections, and search for jobs. If you are looking, be sure you’ve updated your job search status so recruiters can find you!

Bonus that applies not just to job searching but also to life: always say thank you.

I hope these tips help make your next job search a little easier. It is an uphill battle, but stick with it. Good luck!


What are your best job search tips? Let us know below.


2 thoughts on “Honing the Search

  1. These are great and I would definitely add networking! Connect with people who work at companies you are interested in or have a role that you aspire to have. Ask if you can have an informational interview with them. And/or go to networking events that cater towards your field or expertise. Best of luck!

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