From the Vault

Finding the right time to publish.

Writing is a very personal to me. And, despite this, I publish much of what I write. But some posts stay in the vault, locked away, awaiting their moment to see daylight.

Sometimes I dig an old post back up, dust it off, polish it up a little, and send it out into the world.

Sometimes I drag it out of the cave, kicking and screaming, and turn it into something complete different. Major surgery and reconstruction done to turn it into something relevant to my life today.

Sometimes I find a piece that is old, but perfectly preserved. Finally ready for me to be brave enough to send it out into the breeze and see if it can fly on its own.

And sometimes I find a piece that was stillborn from the start, having never taken a breath of life, and is ready to be deleted forever. I bury these posts and hope they find the peace and rest they deserve.

I realize that I was taking my writing too seriously. My ego was calling the shots too often when it came to pushing publish. So I’m going to put my ego in the back seat where it belongs and start publishing some of the blogs I’ve tucked away.

Stay tuned. Daylight is about to seep into the vault.


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