My 5 Favorite Apps

IMG_0801Moving to a new city—or in my case, moving back after years away—can be a little daunting! Luckily for us, there are so many apps available to make things a little easier!

Here are 5 of my favorite apps:

Yelp – My go-to app when finding a place to eat! Brunch, coffee shops, or a great place for happy hour? Whatever you are looking for, Yelp can help you find it!

5 Every Day – Each day the app lists 5 things to do in LA! Examples include new restaurant openings, movie screenings, or lectures. This is a great way to see LA! I hope they make more apps like this for other cities!
Audible – As you might know, I love to read. But finding the time isn’t always the easiest. With Audible you can listen to your book! As I am getting used to the LA traffic again, this really helps take the edge off! It is also perfect if you have a long drive to your new destination! My favorite Audible author? Malcolm Gladwell because he narrates all of his novels!
Indeed – Still haven’t found your dream job in your new city? Indeed is my favorite app for job searches. With a minimalistic layout, you are easily able to focus on the job descriptions. As an added bonus, you can apply for most jobs right from the app!

Groupon – This app is an awesome way to find new activities to do inexpensively! I have taken boxing, yoga, rock climbing and pole dancing classes through Groupon! I have also purchased everything from brewery tours to memory foam mattresses off this app! Talk about offering a wealth of products and services!

I hope this summary of my 5 favorite apps help you take on your next adventure!


What other apps would you recommend? Let me know!

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