25 Random Facts About Me

Some of these you may or may not know! Either way, I hope you enjoy learning about some of the more random things that make me Tess Meyer. Enjoy!

  1. I have a cat named Clea. She is about 5 and I have had her for 4 years.
  2. I am slightly allergic to cats. Learned that one the hard way…
  3. I have had 4 parking tickets, which are the worst because you can easily avoid them
  4. When I was 5 I wanted to be a dolphin trainer at SeaWorld. It’s still an option
  5. I have visited 8 counties
  6. I have zip lined in 3 of them
  7. My first job was cleaning toilets at a public city pool. I was 14 years old. Yes, it was legal to work at that age.
  8. Favorite authors are Jane Austen, John Steinbeck, and Malcolm Gladwell
  9. I love visiting museumsIMG_3759.jpg
  10. I have taken pole-dancing classes. That burn on your wrist is the worst
  11. I did not eat meat for 2 years (ages 17-19). I was a vegan for a year and 3 months and a vegetarian for 10 months. A pulled pork sandwich is what did me in
  12. I have arrested/helped arrest 13 people, but only had to put 1 in handcuffs
  13. Salmon is my favorite food…how was I a vegetarian for 2 years?
  14. I have dog sledded on a glacier in Alaska
  15. I have never lived outside of California
  16. I played the guitar for like 6 weeks in 6th grade #rockin’
  17. My birthday is July 10th
  18. I have white water rafted in 2 countries1ce1a097e26f27968a4079e273947fcb
  19. My favorite color is purple
  20. I have visited 9 states
  21. I have flown an airplane (with my brother’s help, he is a pilot!)
  22. I love yoga, particularly aerial yoga
  23. I was elected Secretary in 5th grade. That is when my time in politics ended
  24. I drive a VW Jetta (apparently like every white college girl)
  25. I am 25% Mexican!

Did any of these totally surprise you?! What are some random facts about you? Let us know!


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