My Pamper Routine

IMG_5223Life is definitely not always easy. Ready to show yourself some love? Ready to take some time to put yourself first? Here are some of my favorite ways to pamper myself. Enjoy!



Who: Ren
What: Glycol Lactic Radiance Renewal Mask
When: Use once a week.
Where: $55, here
Why: Good for dry skin. Gives a hydrated and dewy look to your skin after just 10 minutes! Works well with sensitive skin.


Who: mySpaLife
What: Radiant Under Eye Treatment Hydrogel Pads
When: Whenever you have a free 20 mins!
Where: $6 at Marshalls, more info on their website here
Why: To be honest, these don’t do much but just feel luxurious. Place them under your eyes while taking a bath or having your morning coffee. For an added affect, pop these in the fridge before use!


Who: Tarte
What: Brazillance Skin Rejuvenating Maracuja Face and Body Self Tanner
When: Once to twice a week
Where: $39 (comes with the tanning mitt), here
Why: Very easy to use and gives a natural looking tan. I am pretty pale, and a little color does me some good! I would use this at night before bed because it does have a nasty scent!

Who: Dead Sea Minerals
What: Facial Peeling Gel
When: I have dry skin, so I use it twice a week.
Where: $200+, this was given to me as a gift and came in a set, so you will have to do some digging to find it, sorry! Here is a more affordable and accessible version!
Why: This stuff is awesome. You take a small amount of gel and rub it over the surface of your skin. The enzymes in the gel will break down dead skin particles and then you wash it all away. It is super easy to use and very effective. I have sensitive skin, and have had zero problems. Highly recommend.

How do you like to pamper yourself? Let me know!


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