Five Things I Have Done This Week for Others


IMG_5743One thing I know I am passionate about is helping people. I am not sure exactly how that will translate into my future career, but it will always be a goal of mine –even if just in the smallest way.

Here are 5 things I have done this week to help others:

1. Went to the park with my cousin and her babies. My cousin has recently had her second child and now has two under two! Needless to say, she could use a hand while her husband is at work. I have gone over once a week since I have moved home (OK, so this has been twice so far, I don’t deserve the Nobel Peace Prize or anything) and spent a few hours with her and her sons each time. Doing this has been so rewarding. It has been amazing to see my cousin more often (we are so alike, both very type A!) and to be able to give her the opportunity to have one-on-one time with each of her sons. I am never around kids, let alone kids this young, so it has been a great learning experience as well! Biggest lesson so far? Babies are heavy. My arms are unbelievably sore after… and I am not in bad shape. The bonus is that I consider it my exercise for the day #winning. Oh, another tip: bring an extra shirt because you will get spit up on!


2. Delivered dinner to my grandparents. This was my dad’s idea. He has organized for himself and his siblings to each bring a dinner to my paternal grandparents multiple times a week. This week, I tagged along. My dad and I went to the grocery store and picked up some of their favorites (can anyone say Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream?) and then delivered it to their house. It was nice to see them as always, and I was able to learn something new from their past. Here are the things I learned this trip: 1) They met when my grandmother was 16. She is 86 now. Can you imagine knowing –and loving—someone for that long?! How amazing! #goals 2) My grandfather completed his basic training for WWII in Texas! I have an upcoming trip in December 2015.

3. Visited my grandfather at his Senior Living Facility. My mom and I picked up my maternal grandmother and met my aunt for lunch. From there, we went to visit my grandfather at his Senior Living Facility (SLF). It was my first time visiting. My grandfather has dementia and is in a memory care unit of his SLF. This was the first time I have seen my grandfather and he did not know who I was. It was a difficult moment. We took him on a walk and at one point he turned around and looked at me with a confused expression. Then his face lit up with a huge grin and he gave me a fist bump! It was the most awesome thing! I am sure he meant to shake my hand and forgot to unclench his fist, but I am choosing to see it as a fist pump. My mom always told me “Laugh or cry, the decision is yours.”  I am choosing to laugh.

4. Offered my perspective. While in middle and high school, I babysat. For years I “babysat” (she was no baby, she was 10!) the daughter of a family friend. Needless to say, we became super close and still keep in touch. We meet for dinner this week (she is now 16, drives, and knows how to order sushi impeccably). She is going through the pressure-filled period of studying for the SAT, deciding which colleges to apply to, and trying to figure out what she wants to do with her life (Hey, this sounds like me!! Just substitute GMAT for SAT…). I did my best to offer her some student-life advice. Here are two things that I learned from freshman year of college:

  • Get an internship in the field you want to pursue. I wanted to be a medial researcher for Parkinson’s Disease. So I earned an internship doing hands-on medical research on Parkinson’s patients. I learned pretty quickly that it wasn’t my passion.
  • It is ok to change your major. I started Neurobiology and graduated with a degree in Psychology and a minor in Human Development. Chemistry just wasn’t for me.

5. Donated to the Goodwill. I love to go through my things and purge! It is so cathartic. Since moving, I have donated so much of my stuff! Everything I owned became a matter of weight (get it, matter of weight?! Like physical mass! I’m so #punny). If I was going to take the time to move it not only to LA, but also to where ever else I end up, it better be worth it. So everything was evaluated and either tossed, donated, or moved! I keep up this mentality when I moved back into my childhood room and made a quick drop off at the Goodwill! To the person that scored this sweet cheetah lamp for $5, you’re welcome.


I am so lucky to have all 4 of my grandparents! My eldest grandfather is 94 and still rockin’! Time to take advantage! What are some of the things you have learned about your grandparents? Or something you wish you had asked? Let me know!



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