Five Favorites – October 2015



My top 5 favorite things from October! Enjoy!

1. Ellen’s Halloween Videos. If these don’t get you in the spirit of Halloween, nothing will! They are so hilarious and entertaining! Be prepared, because you are about to get sucked into an hour of laughs!


2. Essie’s nail polish in “Warm & Toasty Turtleneck.” It is a nice mauve-y lilac that works well for this slow Summer to Fall transition we are having her in California. Picture was taken 2 days after nail polish was applied and is still going strong. Shop it here for $8.50.

3. “Grey’s Anatomy.” Enough said. Ok, really though, I am super late on the bandwagon for this. I am currently half-way through season 3 and loving every minute of it. I am finding it hard to limit the amount of episodes I watch a day to three…


4. No makeup days. I have been having a ton of these in October! Moving back to LA has really made my skin feel dry, so it is nice just slapping on moisturizer and skipping the foundation. If I do wear some makeup, I keep it simple with brow powder, mascara, and powder. Tutorial coming soon!

5. Hiking! I have loved hiking for a long time, but I have really been into it since moving back to LA! I try to go twice a week. I find that any more is hard on my knees. To read my tips on hiking, click here.


What are your 5 Favorites for October? Let me know!


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