What to Bring on a Hike


I LOVE to hike. It is such a nice break from reality, a chance to think clearly. But if you are new to hiking, you might not be totally sure of what to bring. Here are my tips:


Quick note – this is LA hiking, not trekking through a jungle (although that sounds great!). There is no chance of rain here, so be sure to waterproof as needed!


The Essentials:
I would always recommend bringing these 5 essentials, no matter how big or small the hike!

  1. Your ID/Driver’s License. If you are driving, duh, you will need it. But if you fall or get hurt, someone is going to need to know who you are.
  2. Your medical card. Kind of goes hand-in-hand with #1…if you need to visit the hospital because your hike got a little too extreme, you might want to have this card handy.
  3. AAA card. Nothing worse than a long, tiring hike and coming back to a flat tire.
  4. A debit/credit card. Maybe you bump into some friends on the trail and want to get a post-hike smoothie? Or maybe you meet a new cutie and make plans to grab a coffee? You never know! Better to be prepared!
  5. Cash. Oh damn, you thought parking was free…SMH


The Optionals:

  1. Chapstick (I mean, it is kind of an essential for me)
  2. A hat. Listen up kids, keeping your skin looking great is cool, so slap on some SPF and grab a hat or visor! I got mine here, from Nike. Although I kind of look like a soccer mom, I like that I can keep my hair in a high pony.
  3. A water bottle. I prefer reusable ones since they are environmentally friendly. REI also has cool collapsible ones! Pretty nice way to keep weight down!
  4. A doggie bag. This is a MUST if you are hiking with a pup (please don’t be that person that doesn’t have a bag!). Or you can just be the do-gooder that has an extra for that person on the trail.
  5. A backpack. If you can keep all of your stuff tucked away in a pocket or don’t mind holding things, more power to you. But I like to be hands free when I hike, so I prefer a backpack. Any kind will do, but I like mine small and light weight. Mine is from Longchamp, but I found it at a thrift shop for cheap cheap


I hope this makes hiking a little simpler! Or if you are just nosey (no shame), now you know what I bring. Happy trails!


What do you bring on a hike? Let me know.


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