New Year’s Resolutions – 2016

IMG_3645Well, it is that time of the year again where we all promise to skip dessert, volunteer our time, and be better children to our parents. To me, a lot of that is unrealistic (especially skipping dessert. Hell, I want two servings).

Here are my 2016 Resolutions: 

  1. Go on a road trip.This will be a first for me. The longest car ride I have done to date is the 6 hours between LA and Sacramento, but I wouldn’t call that a road trip at all. In 2016, I want to drive across multiple states; eating the local cuisine, finding motels as I go, and discovering Middle America.
  2. Go to a festival. Mardi Gras in New Orlands, Coachella in California, Burning Man in Nevada, EDC in Vegas, Carnival in Brazil, Full Moon Party in Thailand – there are lots of options. Where ever I end up, I really just want to dance the night away and meet some amazing people.
  3.  Go backpacking.I love nature and the outdoors, but I have never gone backpacking. I have been camping plenty of times, but it always involved driving up to a campsite, unloading the car and sleeping in a big family tent with our dog. So this year, I want to go on a camping trip with a friend. The kind where you strap a sleeping bag, water purifier, and a flask of whiskey to your back and discover amazing views, new wildlife, and yourself.
  4. Go hang gliding. Living in California, this is pretty accessible. I am not scared of heights, but I don’t necessarily feel comforted by them either. This will definitely force me to ‘feel the fear’ and do it anyway. I imagine this would be a very freeing experience, providing amazing views and tons of fresh air and clarity. Maybe Groupon has some specials?!
  5. Go to the Hollywood sign. I was born and raised in LA and I have yet to hike to the Hollywood sign. I mean, it is very #basic, but still, it is like a right of passage! Grab some trendy Lulu’s and your favorite Ray-Bans and you are set!

Well, there you have it, my 5 resolutions for the New Year. I am sure you have noticed that these resolutions are more experience based rather than trying to learn a new skill or quit a bad habit (however, I am sure that by achieving these goals I will learn plenty of new skills and maybe quit a bad habit or two!). Going into 2016, I hope to deepen my sense of adventure and continue to challenge my fears. Life is short, and I intend to live up every minute of it.

Cheers to a New Year and a renewed me,


What are your New Year’s Resolutions? Let me know!


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