March Favorites 2016

Happy April 1st! Let’s step back into yesterday and recap my favorites from March!

  1. Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 5.55.04 PM Aside from the fact that this website has my name in it, I love Career Contessa because it serves up some serious female empowerment. The tag line is “Honest conversations about work and life” and offers great advice on everything from negotiating salaries, how to interview prep, and things to consider if you want to work from home. My favorite thing about this website is the interviews they do with some badass bosses, all of whom are women. As someone that is all about closing the gender gap and aspires to be a future business owner, this website provides great inspiration. Lauren McGoodwin, founder and CEO, you go girl. Definitely check it out.
  2. Purple Mascara. image2With Spring right around the corner, I love adding a little extra color to my makeup routine. A purple mascara adds the perfect pop of color and brings out the hazel in my eyes. I love the Dior Addict It-Last Mascara (it will run you $27.50), but Sephora makes a great one for $12 and Make Up For Ever has one for $23 that my mom loves. I apply my purple mascara only in the outer 1/3 of my eyelashes and over the top of a black mascara. Doing this keeps everything very subtle! Only when the light hits my lashes in a certain way or if you are speaking to me up close will you notice the hint of purple. It adds a nice little surprise and feels very age appropriate for me at 23. Get into the Spring spirit and try it out!
  3. Budget Rental CarsScreen Shot 2016-03-28 at 1.28.20 PM.pngI recently found myself in need of a rental car (read about it here) and, after shopping around a little, I decided to try Budget. As the name implies, it was super affordable. Even with the extra insurance fee (You will have to pay this if you are under 25), my 24 hour rental still came to $100. Be sure to ask about discounts you may qualify for (AAA, Costco, etc) to keep your total low too. The service was great and the car was nice and in good condition. And they were open 24 hours, which was made me happy since I found myself stranded in Seattle at midnight…Keep this company in mind if you need a rental car!
  4. Magoosh. Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 1.29.06 PM.png I took my GRE test this month as the final step for graduate school applications. Magoosh is an online test prep site that a friend recommended to me. I found it really helpful as it offers both written and video answer explanations. If you want to sign up, click here. They offer courses for all major scholastic testing. Everyone that I spoke with was super helpful, and they even allowed my to pause my month-long subscription while I was traveling in Northern California, Nevada, and Oregon. I purchased the 1-month test prep as opposed to the 6-month for $79 (the 6-month is only $20 more). If you are getting ready to take a big test like this or are thinking about taking the next step in furthering your education, then my advice would be to study hard for 3-weeks to a month before your test and then move on with your life. It is just 4 hours, although an important 4 hours.
  5. Aesop Fabulous Face Oil. IMG_9994I was somewhat unsure of this product at first because it is an oil instead of a lotion, and being that my skin can get oily throughout the day…I was a little worried. What I have found instead is that this product works wonders at balancing your skin and sinks into the skin well, leaving a natural finish (not a dewey one like I expected). A few drops will keep you face hydrated day or night, and the ylang ylang adds a much appreciated earthy scent. The small packaging also makes this product great for traveling. Although it will run you a pretty penny (5,700 pennies to be exact), this product works really well and is a nice treat to my morning routine.

Hope you enjoyed reading about some of the things that brought me happiness in March!


What are your March favorites? Let us know below.


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