Tess’ Packing Tips

IMG_6224Five things to pack for your next trip.

I travel quite a lot. Actually, since moving back home in October 2015, I have gone on a trip out of state each month. Needless to say, I’ve learned a thing or two about traveling.


Today I am going to talk about the five things you should bring with you while traveling.

  1. Discount Cards – Don’t miss the opportunity to save a few bucks, so keep your membership cards handy. A student ID can reduce the cost of your museum ticket, a AAA card might lower your hotel cost, and a Costco membership should save you a decent percentage on a car rental. They don’t take up much space in your wallet, so bring these cards along.
  2. Universal Shoes – A ‘universal’ shoe in my mind is neutral in color, simple in style, and can keep up with your all-day adventures. Avoid trendy styles or bright colors that will distract from you and your surroundings in your pictures. A good rule of thumb is asking yourself if you would mind seeing those shoes pop up in a picture slideshow at your 50th birthday. I recommend sticking to classics, like black Nikes or white Converse.
  3. The Perfect Bag – For me, the perfect bag for traveling is a small cross-body made of a rain-proof material, like this one. A smaller bag will keep you from carrying too much, and the cross-body style will better distribute the weight across your body while keeping your arms free to snap plenty of pictures. Stick to rain-proof materials like Nylon or patent leather, and be sure to get a purse with secure closures to prevent pick-pockets.
  4.  All Weather Gear – When in doubt, pack the umbrella or rain jacket. Opt for a simple, travel-friendly umbrella like this one that can keep you dry as you explore, or look more like a local (ever notice how people who live in rainy cities almost always use a raincoat instead of an umbrella? Especially if the city is densely crowded like San Francisco) and bring along a raincoat like this. The same goes for a swim suit – you never know if your hotel might have a pool, if the Airbnb has a hot tub, or if you’ll end up near a beach. Either way, keep your options open while traveling and be prepared with all of the necessary gear.
  5. Protectants – I’m talking sunscreen and bug repellant. There is nothing worse that ending your trip with raw, peeling skin or giant spots of insatiable itchiness. Spare yourself the agony and lather up with some sunscreen (face: this one, body: this one) or bug spray (this one) and thank me later.

Well, five things that I have learned to never go without while traveling. I hope this post makes packing for your next trip a little easier, even though it might make your suitcase a little more full – it will be worth it, I promise!


What are some of your travel must haves? Let us know below.


2 thoughts on “Tess’ Packing Tips

  1. J

    My travel must is a small and elegant jewelry holder that my sister gave me eons ago. I love to mix up the jewelry I wear so even if I’m wearing the same pair of jeans for 5 days in a row, I feel like I made the effort. Jewelry takes up little room and really makes me feel like I completed my outfit. Plus it reminds me of my sweet sister and how much I love her! Enjoy your travels!


  2. That is a great tip! I am not much of a jewelry wearer so I don’t really think to bring much while traveling! Nice that it reminds you of your sister too. Thanks for reading and commenting!


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