The Search Continues


Where six months of soul searching has landed me.

Back in November, I wrote The Start of the Search, where I listed the first 10 lessons I learned within the week of moving back. Well, six months later, I thought it would be a good time to recap what I have learned since.

Lessons I learned as the search continues:

  1.  It is easy to spend money
  2. Less really is more
  3. It is easier to say ‘yes’ than ‘no’
  4. The recipe for making friends
  5. Let a book change you
  6. Confidence is security
  7. Go where you are meant to be
  8. Distance means nothing
  9. Treat your bench right
  10. Know when to scale back

You know the drill: I will write a full post on each lesson. Funny how I have learned more about life doing absolutely nothing than while completing my undergraduate degree or working in the “real world.” Stay tuned.


What is one lesson you have learned in the past six months? Let us know below.



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