The Start of the Search


In my post The Backstory, I ended with a pretty bold statement: “I’m 23 and passionless.”

I have been living back in LA with my parents for a week now, so you might wonder if anything has changed. Have I found any passion? And the truth is…I’m still lookin’ for it. But, I have learned some really valuable lessons since my move.

Here Are The Things I Now Know To Be True:

  1. Step up to the plate
  2. Love yourself first
  3. Forget the plan, but not the idea
  4. Most people don’t have the means to travel
  5. Creating a website is hard
  6. Make up for lost time
  7. Living with mom & dad is not easy
  8. Take a page out of an expert’s book
  9. Who made me Queen?
  10. Show up for yourself

I will be writing a separate post on each of these Tess Lessons, so be sure to check back for more!


3 thoughts on “The Start of the Search

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