May Favorites 2016


Another month has come and gone!

Here is what I loved this past May:

  1. Making Flexible Lists. image1I have always loved making lists, but with a trip to Alaska followed closely behind a visit from friends and then two-weeks in Europe, it became more of a necessity this past month. I like to plan out my week Monday mornings. I find that by writing it all out, I can set myself attainable daily goals. Before taking this step back, completing my daily to-do list was a must, and worth of a dirty look in the mirror if I didn’t check off each task. Now my lists are more flexible. I follow my mentality and don’t force anything too much. For instance, when I am not in the mood to write, I don’t write. And when I am really in a great creative space, I’ll ride that wave as far as it will take me, which sometimes is completing my fifth blog post for the day at 5AM. I also recommend jotting down small tasks, like mailing a thank you note or signing up for spin class. Even if it takes just as long to record the task as it does to complete it, those small victories are so sweet.
  2. Deuter ACT Life 45 + 10 Pack. IMG_2041This month rounded out my second time using this backpack, and I have to say, I already find it worth the $200 investment. Although I haven’t used it for its original purpose as of yet, it has been a great suitcase alternative. With up to 55 liters of space, this bag carries all I need for a week away. I recently put it to the test by packing it for a week in Alaska, and you can read about everything I fit inside here. In addition to the awesome plum color, this pack wears really comfortably, especially on the hips. I highly recommend it.
  3. Dressing Up. IMG_5875Within the span of one week, I went to two formal events. One was the 5-year celebration of the Berggruen Institute in Beverly Hills and the second was a Stanford MBA event. As someone who is pretty minimal while getting ready and been known to wear Nikes while bar hopping as friends were in heels, I relished the prospects of gettin’ a little fancy. I slipped into a dress, stepped into some heels, and gave my hair its 5th curl of the year. What I have found through high school dances is that often getting ready is the most fun of the night, so set aside some time for the process and enjoy it!
  4. Avocado Toast. IMG_2049 I know this is a really trendy food right now, but I am totally on the bandwagon. After trying for the first time in Portland at Trinket, it has become my go-to snack (along with apples and peanut butter). I toast up two hearty pieces of multi-grain whole wheat bread and then slather them with one half of an avocation (keep the pit in the half you refrigerate to slow the browning). I then dust with garlic powder, salt, and pepper and, if this is my breakfast, I top with one easy fried egg. It is filling and hearty and (sans egg) pretty transportable.
  5. John Frieda Fine to Full Blow Out Spray. IMG_2039This product is awesome and with a price tag under $20, you really can’t go wrong with it. As someone who has naturally fine hair that can sit a little flat, I love to spray this product through my layers to really shake things up. About five spritzes will add some great texture to my lengths and I even enjoy putting a spray or two into my ponytail before hitting the hiking trails. There is a very light fragrance to it and I have never found it to leave my hair sticky or crunchy.

As always, a simple round up of the things that have made me just a little happier this month. I hope you enjoyed it!


What were some of your favorites from May? Let us know below.


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