What I Packed for Europe


Time for another, “What I Packed,” but this time we are going to Europe!

Today I embarked on a two-week European cruise! I am sailing with Princess and my cruise is called the Baltic Heritage. I will be flying to Southhampton, England and then setting sail for Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Estonia, Russia, Finland, and Poland.

My grandmother was kind enough to give me free reign to plan this trip to celebrate our birthdays and my acceptance into my top MBA program.

Here is a breakdown of what I packed!

With weather between 65-73 degrees Fahrenheit, I felt safe ditching any bulky layers. I opted for pants only, bringing three pairs total (two from Joe’s Jeans and one from Rich and Skinny). You can’t go wrong with good denim and I thought this would be the perfect time to break out my summer-inspired aqua skinnies.


I am hoping seven shirts will be plenty for the two-week voyage. I brought along three tank tops and four short sleeve tops.


I decided to stay mainly within the realm of black and grey, two colors that are a staple for me. I want to be comfortable and hassle-free while exploring, so basic tops best fit the bill for me.


For the formal nights on the ship, I brought along two cocktail dresses, both of which work with the same pair of heels.


Although I will be doing lots of walking, I will need to hit the gym to offset the all-you-can-eat buffets onboard. I am bringing two sets of workout clothing. My favorite pair of Victoria’s Secret PINK yoga leggings, Under Armour running shorts, and two Montiel camis with built-in sports bras.


My outermost layer will mainly consist of a light windbreak (mine is from Free People) or a flannel (from Target). I am also bringing along my Michael Kors down jacket for any cold nights on the ship or late port calls (we will be in Russia over night). I actually purchased this jacket for my cruise to Alaska last summer! Although I don’t expect it to rain, I am bringing along my rain jacket from Columbia. It is so light weight that it won’t add much to my suitcase.


Of course I’ll need some PJs!


Other miscellaneous necessities include a bathing suit, socks, and shoes. I have opted for only two pairs: my Nike sneakers and go-to BCBG heels. I also packed my Marc Jacobs sunnies and my portable myCharge RazorMax charger.


Here is a final overview of the clothing. I am testing out the roll technique, which should help eliminate wrinkles.


For toiletries, I packed up face lotion, shampoo, conditioner, body wash…you get the idea, all of the essentials.


I kept my makeup simple as well by only bringing my necessities. I plan to use my Physican’s Formula powder as both eyeshadow and bronzer. I grabbed my MAC eyeshadow and Anastasia DipBrow Pomade for my brows and my Covergirl mascara to finish off my eyes. Because I am not bringing a foundation, I packed my Maybelline concealer in case I need to cover any spots. I also decanted a few pumps of my Becca highlight into an old Sephora sample jar.


As I will be gone for two-weeks, I also packed along a few tools to keep myself groomed.


In the end, it all fit nicely into two small bags.


When I went to start loading everything into a suitcase, I realized it might all fit into a carry-on. I gave it a try and, well, it did. Deciding to take my advice and travel on the cheap, I am using a carry-on to forego expensive baggage fees. My only potential worry is that I won’t have any room to bring back items I purchase, if I do purchase any. I, of course, will report back.

I hope you enjoyed getting a sneak peak into my luggage! I also packed my passport, laptop, and cell charger in my purse.

Side note: I called my cruise line ahead of time to confirm which country’s outlets would be in use! I would hate to show up in England without a converter. The verdict: US outlets onboard. Score. Another thing I learned is that you do not have to notify your bank about travel outside of the US if your card has a chip in it (if you reach any difficulty, ask them to hand key the card number). This might only be Capital One, but I’ll take it!

Clea is obviously sad to see my leaving again so soon! What can I say, this busy bee wants to see the world!



What do you recommend packing for a trip to Europe? Let us know below.

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