Yesterday I turned 24. Did I accomplish everything I wanted to Before 24?

If you read this post, you know my four goals to accomplish before turning 24 were:

  • Be 23
  • Reach 50 countries
  • Go Off the Grid
  • Live the Los Angeles Dream

So I had three months to complete these goals. How did I do? Let’s break it down.

Be 23:


I went on some crazy trips, like only an unattached and unencumbered 23-year-old can. I booked a red eye flight to Montana for two days with my best friend and then ended up driving to Oregon instead (read about it here). I slept in a hostel in Alaska for 5 days and carried everything I needed for the journey in a backpack. I visited seven new countries in Europe with a group of strangers, and celebrated American Independence Day on a beach in Mexico.

Reach 50 countries:


I am currently at 62 countries! Again, it is so awe-inspiring the speed at which our world moves. I feel so lucky to have a part of myself traveling to so many new and exciting places. Thank you, sincerely, for letting me into your home and your life three times a week.

Go Off the Grid:


I went off the grid five times over, but I honestly feel like a fraud saying that. During my European cruise, I did not have any internet access for five days and was technically off the gird. But when I wrote my pre-24 to do list, this wasn’t what I had in mind. I wanted to spend a day where I elected to leave my phone, TV, iPad, and computer turned off, but there was never a convenient time! With the need to complete my MBA-prep coursework, write a blog, check my email, or book a flight for my next trip, there was never an easy time when I could complete separate myself from technology. And maybe that is a OK? Technology allows me to be productive, informed, and connected to the world around me. One change I did make in lieu of this task was updating my notification settings. On my social media apps, I opted out of the majority of my notifications. By turning off sound alerts and pop-ups on my lock screen, I will not be constantly bombarded with notifications. Now, to see that someone has messaged me, I will have to go directly into the app. This means that I am no longer being interrupted by SnapChat and Facebook notifications while I am trying to complete a task. It is not off the grid, but it is a manageable step in the right direction.


Live the Los Angeles Dream:

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 3.47.44 PMWell I have yet to be in a movie, but I was asked to be in a music video (only in LA, right?). I was in the song ‘Baby Blue’ for the band Swerve, which we filmed back in March. It was directed by Alexander Gardels of Backwards Car Films. It was a really fun and unique experience. Although I have grown up in front of a camera having a professional photographer as a father, I am not at all used to film media. As it was for a music video, all audio was cut out, which took off some of the pressure. I am glad I got to push my comfort zone a little further. Thank you for the opportunity, Alex! Watch the music video here. I also partied with the Governor of California, the CEOs of Snapchat and Alphabet (formerly Google), the present and former Mayors of Los Angels, and super model Miranda Kerr at a hotel in Beverly Hills. If that isn’t living the LA dream, I don’t know what is.

Overall, 23 was a great year, but I cannot wait to see what this year has in store for me! Cheers to 24.


What do you want to accomplish before your next birthday? Let us know below.


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