Goodbye to the Best


I have to admit, I am pretty excited to be living on my own again. But there are a few key things I will miss about living at home… and it’s not just the free rent and built-in cat sitter.

5 Things I Will Miss Living at Home:

  1. Catered Dinner. IMG_1678As someone who really dislikes cooking, it has been a true blessing to be in the same house as my parents who are both great cooks. Each night I am lucky enough to settle into my chair at the dining table and dig in. My favorite dish, salmon, is cooked on average once a week. It is going to be tough to step back up to the (dinner) plate.
  2. Cuddles with the Dogs. IMG_9798Each morning my parents’ dogs Jimmy and Quincy (pictured) jump into bed with me. Although it often makes it much harder to get out of bed, it is a great way to start my day. These two love-bugs are super sweet and want nothing more than to be cozied up in a blanket next to you. As a fervent animal lover, I will really miss having them around!
  3. Backyard Views.IMG_9460I am lucky enough to look outside my bedroom window and see this. With all of this untouched land in our neighbor’s backyard, there is almost a daily sighting of a deer (and a record of 16 deers at once!). It is such a nice break from the ‘typical’ Los Angeles life. Who knows if even Oregon will provide such a close proximity to Bambi.
  4. Fresh Cookies. IMG_2078There is nothing better in life than walking in the door and smelling cookies in the oven. Upon numerous occasions, my dad, who is a huge sweet tooth like myself, would take to the kitchen and whip up a fresh batch of cookies. Although I can easily make these morsels of goodness myself, it will not compare to baking with my dad. And I will especially miss him saying, “Take a picture for your blog!” Now that (along with the University of Oregon shirt) is supportive.
  5. Wednesday Night Cocktail Challenge. IMG_1695For those of you that did not read the original post on this, click here. Although I have every intention of continuing the Cocktail Challenge in Oregon, it just will not be the same without my parents and our friends Nada and Michael. There is no replacement for the hilarious (and sometimes not so politically correct) conversations or Michael’s beard that always makes its way into my photo.

Of course, more than anything I will miss my crazy, wonderful family.



What did you miss when you moved out of your parents’ house? Let us know below.


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