Minimalist Wardrobe


The 10 pieces your wardrobe needs.

With all of the personal purging I have done recently, I thought it would be nice to talk about a few of my minimalist essentials. These are the pieces that can make your wardrobe functional despite its lack in quantity. My aim here is to highlight classic pieces, not trendy ones. These are the simple, clean, and time-less basics that will provide a nice platform to build your wardrobe around, especially if you are trying to limit your collection.

Please remember these are items that match my style and lifestyle, so be sure to accommodate yours!

10 Key Items To Build A Minimalist’s Wardrobe:

  1. A Black Shirt. IMG_7737It is a classic. Choose a cut and fit that flatters your body and, to make it a little more versatile, opt for sleeves. Dress it up or down, and take it from the office to the bar to brunch to a concert.
  2. A Pair of Dark-Wash Denim Jeans. IMG_7736Like with the black shirt, you can take a pair of great dark jeans from day to night really easily. Find the fit that you are most comfortable in and be ready to never worry about what bottoms to wear again.
  3. Comfortable heels. IMG_7747Bonus points if they are black or nude, but having a pair of reliable heels that you know won’t drive you completely insane with discomfortable is a beautiful thing. I like how the pointed toe elongates my legs and the ankle straps keeps my feet from slipping out. The two-tone black and blue is a really understated twist that compliments my style.
  4. A Go-To Jacket. IMG_7735This might be your black leather jacket or cream peacoat, but for me it is my taupe zip-up. This baby has seen the world with me. It is super lightweight and extremely packable. But don’t let its airiness fool you, the down-feather fill makes it really warm. Plus, I love the gold zipper detailing.
  5. The Little Black Dress. IMG_7742We have all heard about the LBD, but the hype is true. One dress that you can wear to an interview, your son’s recital, and a funeral? Perfect. The LBD is the epitome of a minimal or capsule wardrobe. I like the Taylor Swift in the summer vibe of this one. Where is my red lipstick?
  6. Nice Sandals. IMG_7741Now, I am all for Rainbow flip flops, but they can really drag an outfit down from comfortable to sloppy. I love these two-toned sandals because they match with everything – plus, they are easy to dress up, so I can wear them to a semi-fancy lunch on a hot day.
  7. The “Right” Bag. IMG_7746This is going to be different for everyone. If you need to fit your iPad, it might be something larger. If you live in Seattle, it might be something waterproof. If you like being hands-free, it might be a cross-body. I love the bright statement color of this bag. At 24, it is age appropriate and adds something to my typically neutral wardrobe pallet. It is a great size for traveling and the zippers are very secure. It is waterproof and lightweight. I’ve barely used any other bag in the two years I’ve had it.
  8. Black or White Sneakers.IMG_7740 I have talked about this before on, but owning a pair of neutral shoes that you can walk miles in is key, especially when traveling. They will go with everything and the timeless color will spare you from “the cringe” (you know, the one you get when you look back at old photos and you are wearing those horrible glitter pink jelly shoes). Side note, you might want to keep yours cleaner than I do.
  9. Classic Sunglasses. IMG_7739Accessories are typically where I like to break out the color and funk (I mean, just look at my purse choice). I have a few pairs of non-traditional sunglasses – blue, pink, 1960’s frames, you get the idea – but I think it is important to have a pair of classic sunglasses. I opted for these Ray-Ban Club Masters (I was drawn to the gold and tortoise-shell), but find the style that works for you.
  10. Blazer. IMG_7744A blazer is such a great staple piece. If you are interviewing for jobs or just want something to dress up those dark-wash jeans for happy hour, a blazer is a great option. Make sure to get a color that is appropriate for the situation, especially if you want to wear this to work. If you are in a more creative sector, opt for something fun like blue or a bold red. If you are in the financial sector, find a nicely tailored navy or black.


I wouldn’t call myself a style expert by any means, but these are the pieces that allow me to own a relatively small amount of clothing. The key is to find items that suit your lifestyle, budget, and personal flair.


What is a key piece in your capsule wardrobe? Let us know below.


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