January Favorites 2017


Here are a few of my favorite things from the month of January!

  1. Vaseline Lip Therapy img_0850 This has been an interesting winter. Since moving to Oregon, it wasn’t until January that I really began to feel the full force of the cold weather. We had multiple ice storms and my lips felt the impact. This salve was a savior! It is super affordable ($1.79!) and lasts months. I love to keep it by my nightstand so I can give my lips a good coating right before bed. I also really enjoyed the rosy tint and scent, but it is sold in original and cocoa butter as well.
  2. Fireplace for Your Home img_0851My apartment doesn’t have a fireplace, so I have really enjoyed queuing up my Netflix and playing the Fireplace for Your Home episode. The “wood” crackles and pops and the flames flicker. Although it does not cast of any heat, it still gives a similar vibe of being by the fireplace and I don’t have to worry about my cat getting too curious (which means this would be good households with little kids too!).
  3. The North Face Venture Rain Jacket img_9777 A good raincoat is a necessity in Oregon and this one delivers. It is sturdy enough to keep the rain off and wind out, but also flexible enough to be bundled up and stored in a purse. I love the neutral, matches-everything grey color with the subtle pops of sherbet. It is definitely a pricier raincoat, but it comes with a lifetime warranty (and I found mine for under $70 at an outlet!).
  4. Robes img_0852 There is little better than wrapping yourself in a warm, cozy robe straight out of a hot shower. But the robe doesn’t just have to be used in between shower and wardrobe – I love wearing mine all hours of the cold winter day like a jacket. In fact, when I was in high school, I would have friend over and if I was cold I would put on my baby blue robe. I did it so often, I was dubbed “robe” by my friends. Pro tip: make getting out of bed in the winter bearable by keeping it in arm’s length so you can go straight from blanket to robe in the mornings.
  5. Seattle, WA img_6765 Twice this month I have gone to Seattle, so it had to be a favorite. The first was a weekend road trip stop with my family and the second was a week with my MBA program. I will be posting more on both trips, but it is such a fun city to visit. Inclusive, explorative, and artsy – there is something for everyone. And the eats! This foodie loved all of the diverse cuisine to be found in Pike’s Place Market and the plethora of cheap, delicious salmon nigiri. Being only a five-hour drive away, I’ll be sure to go back soon.

I hope you enjoyed my monthly roundup! Stay tuned for more!


What were your favorites from the first month of 2017? Let us know below.


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