My Favorite Apps for Traveling


Never go abroad without these!

I tackled 10 countries during my step back and I might have perfected the art of traveling with intermittent WiFi coverage. Here are five (free!) apps that I wouldn’t hop on a plane without downloading first.


  1. Viber. Much like WhatsApp, this is great for staying connected with friends, family, and travel companions while abroad. All messages or calls are sent over WiFi and completely skip around International service fees. You can send pictures, videos, stickers, and emojis to your heart’s content! Fun fact: In June, I was in the top 10% of highest users.
  2. Google Maps.  If you plan on traveling solo, pay special attention to this tip. A great way to not look like a tourist is to not carry a map…but that is also a great way to get lost in a new city. Instead, download the Google Maps App and pre-load it. Essentially, if you know you are going to be in Rome, add your desired region to your offline areas. When traveling, you will be able to access your map even without WiFi, something that could really save your butt when it is dark outside and you’ve had a few glasses of wine.
  3. Google Translate. If you are traveling to a country where you don’t speak the language, this is a must. Like with Google Maps, you can pre-load the Google Translate App with the languages you might come in contact with. This was a life-saver in Russia.
  4. AudibleIt is no secret that I love this app. I use it almost daily in my non-travel life, but really maximize the true benefits of it while traveling. First, it is a great space-saver. It is always so hard to know how many books I am going to read while traveling. When I went to Mexico, I packed two and didn’t finish either. But when I went to Portland, I finished four in four days! Whether it is a long ride or a long flight, Audible always has my back. I can literally carry 40 books with me at all times and it is the perfect partner to sit and people watch with in a busy plaza.
  5. Mobile PassportIf you are a United States resident, you are going to want to download this. Having spent the majority of my life flying in and out of LAX, I have come to expect the long customs lines. Mobile Passport lets you get around that. You digitally scan in your passport information, snap a selfie, and then head to the Mobile Passport Control line. It is basically TSA Pre Check (another travel necessity of mine, but that will cost you) for Custom and Border Protection. And for those of you traveling with kids, you can load each family member’s passports in to your app and handle it all from one phone.

I hope you found this round up on my favorite travel apps handy for your next trip abroad. Happy travels!


Which are you favorite travel apps? Let us know below.


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