April Favorites 2017


Another month has come and gone! Here is what brought me joy.

  1. Nippies IMG_0947 (1)With the changing of the seasons (aka, the sun is finally out in Oregon), I have been opting for as many tank tops as possible. But sometimes it is really hard to find a bra that works (straps on display is rarely classy and strapless bras are literally the worst things in the world). Enter Nippies, the adhesive nipple covers that you can wear in place of a bra! These things are magic. Skin toned, comfortable, and reusable, I just slap them on and go. They likely won’t work for all bust sizes, but if you are in the market for a bra alternative, try them out!
  2. Copper Wire Lights IMG_0880In striving for a more minimalist lifestyle, I have been limiting my surface areas (aka, table tops). With owning less clothing, everything fits in my closet (no dresser needed) and because I have very few knickknacks, I haven’t purchased any end or side tables. Limiting my surface ares has been a great way to reinforce minimalism, but it makes it hard to find a place to put a lamp! Wanting a softer light to read and study by at night, I purchased copper wire lights from Amazon. I wrapped them around my room and have enjoyed every single moment I am cuddled up in bed with the soft glow behind me. My favorite thing about them is the remote control. Not only can I dim the lights, I also don’t have to un-burrito myself from my sheets to turn them off.
  3. Coconut Oil IMG_0879My skin always dries out with the changing of the seasons and -wanting to keep my skincare as natural and minimal as possible – I purchased coconut oil. This is a total multi-use product – perfect for shaving, cooking, moisturizing, and eating. I have found that working it into my daily routine was a little too much hydration, but using it as a deep moisturizer once a week has been perfect. I am on a mission to surround myself with more affordable, natural, and long-last products, and this is a great first step.
  4. Sam Edelman Flats IMG_0878 While working at Target I needed to look professional while still being able to walk a lot (my Fitbit recorded an average of seven miles a shift!). My coworker Lenora introduced me to Sam Edelman’s Felicia Ballet flat and I haven’t looked back once. They come in every color imaginable and are comfortable and professional. My pairs have lasted about a year each, but I put miles on them daily and have worn them in the rain (thank you, Seattle and San Francisco). You can find them for about half the cost at Nordstrom Rack.
  5. Liane Moriarty IMG_0881 I almost never include a person in my monthly favorites, but I have been obsessed with author Liane Moriarty . The Husband’s Secret was a really entertaining read. With interlocking stories and an engaging plot, I had a hard time putting it down. And as an added bonus, one of the main characters is named Tess. I won’t be posting a full book review on it, but I would highly recommend picking it up. I also devoured HBO’s Big Little Lies, based on Moriarty’s book of the same name. Again, the characters’ storylines came together in a climatic end that was a really enjoyable ride to be on. Also, I have to show some love to the female-dominated cast and crew! I definitely plan of reading more, if not all, of her books. With summer around the corner, they are the perfect beach read.

I hope that reading about the things that have brought me pleasure has also brought you pleasure. With FromBrownEyes being about my happiness hunt and the lessons I’ve learned along the way, my mission with Monthly Favorites is to show some graditude to the simple, everything things that make me happy.


What have been your April favorites? Let us know below.


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