June Favorites 2017


Why do they call it “June gloom”?

Here are the 5 things that put a spring in my step:

  1. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt –  This show is so funny! I finished the third, and most recent, season this month and found myself laughing literally every episode. It is a fun break from reality and the 24-minute episodes make it very quick to get through. I loved watching an episode as I eat dinner, or as a treat in between homework assignments. Way to go, Netflix (and Tina Fey).
  2. Exploring IMG_1292 As June was the month that I packed up and left Oregon for the summer, I tried to get in as much exploring as possible. As one of my classes went online for the final two weeks of the quarter, I found myself with more free time. No better way to spend a Wednesday than by driving out to a National Forest and going on a 7-mile hike through the woods. Whether I am venturing solo or with friends, you can always find me #exploregon.
  3. Podcasts – I have switched away from Audible recently and have taken to Podcasts while I run. I listen straight off the Apple Podcast app and have been loving two in particular: Up First and How I Built This. Both are by NPR and relatively short. Up First is a under 15-minute recap of the news from the day before (I also love The Skimm for this), and How I Built This is a snapshot of the companies we know and love came to be. Both are educational and interesting. I also have planned to start Serial, Pod Save America, and Revisionist History, and have enjoyed some one-offs from TED Radio Hour and Beautiful Stories from Anonymous People.
  4. Wireless Headphones – After months of having an iPhone 7 (sans headphones jack) and weeks of training for a half-marathon, I finally purchased a pair of wireless headphones. I run five days a week, so having to weave a cord through my shirt and into my running belt was getting really annoying. And so was carrying a pair of headphones for my phone (in case of a call) and a different pair for my computer (to listen to music). I know I sound like a brat, but these are just the facts of my life. I finally caved and purchased the Jaybird X3 wireless earbuds in Blackout. They bring good sound quality, stay in place while I run, and don’t hurt my ears – the three qualities I was looking for. I also love the carrying case they come in!
  5. The Oregon MBA IMG_0922Honestly, I cannot believe that I am done with the first year of my MBA program. Many of the people picture here are graduating second years and I am sad to see so many of my friends leave Oregon, but so grateful for the time in which they have been in my life. Needless to say, I am excited to start planning more travels as they scatter throughout the US and the world.

Well, there you have it, a few of my favorite things from June! With finishing school, moving back to LA, and starting my summer internship, it has been a whirlwind month. But these favorites got me through it!


What helped you beat June gloom? Let us know below.


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