November Favorites 2017


Gratitude is the best attitude.

There is no better time to sit back and reflect on what you are grateful for than November. We just finished celebrating Thanksgiving in America, the holidays are right around the corner, and I have only one week left of my MBA program of this quarter (finals, here I come). So today, I am going to discuss five things I am grateful for.

  1. My ability to continuously learn. The internet makes learning so accessible. From yoga poses to plant care to DIY coasters, I’ve found it on the internet. Some of my favorites free learning platforms are Duolingo for Swedish lessons, the How I Built This podcast, and the Pick Up Limes YouTube channel. And of course, I am so lucky to be one of the 7% of people in this world able to pursue higher education.
  2. My ability to travel. At just 25, I’ve been to 14 states and 20 countries (and I’m adding two more countries to that list in December: Australia and New Zealand!). Thanks to my parents, my diligence in saving, and what my grandmother calls my patas de perro, I have been able to experience so many new places and cultures.
  3. My ability to buy healthy food. I love healthy foods. Fruits, veggies, legumes, grains, fish – give it all to me! Even when avocados are $3+ a pop, I find myself adding one or two into my shopping cart. I prioritize healthy food spending, despite being on a student budget, and I feel so fortunate to have affordable access to so much fresh and organic goodness. Farmers’ market, here I come.
  4. My ability to live independently. My decisions have always been my own. Throughout my life, my parents have always supported my endeavors and decisions, even as I was moving in with a boyfriend, quitting my job, and now as I am trying to move to Scandinavia. The only thing I am bound to is to live a life of happiness, and I feel so fortunate to have friends and family that always support me along the way.
  5. My ability to live a comfortable life. I have never been without a house, bed, shower, shoes, food, clothing, and the many other things that I deem so basic I don’t typically realize that others live without. This is an immense privilege, and one that I do not appreciate enough.

Thank you for the role you play in my life (even if just by supporting this blog!) and for spending some time practicing gratitude with me today.


What are you grateful for? Let us know below.


3 thoughts on “November Favorites 2017

  1. Anonymous

    I am grateful beyond measure for my darling daughter and son, a husband who has been my best friend for nearly 30 years, my health, and all the immense privileges I enjoy every day. Like you, Tess, I have never wanted for anything of necessity. It’s an amazing gift and one that so many millions of people around the world don’t get to share.

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  2. jeane

    I am grateful beyond measure for my adorable daughter and son, my husband who has been my best friend for nearly 30 years, my health, and for all the privileges that I take for granted. Like you, Tess, I have never wanted for anything in 56 years. I know that’s a gift and one that millions of humans around the globe don’t receive.

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  3. Hi Jeane, thank you for sharing! It makes me happy to hear that you are so fortunate and that you take the time to appreciate all that you have. It is so important. Thanks for reading and commenting!


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