Sensing Your Space


It is time to come to your senses.

Perhaps you work from home and spend the majority of your time there. Perhaps you are always on the go and almost never home. Either way, the time you spend at your house is precious, and should be used to enhance your mood.

In order to make the most of your space – aka using it as a way to boost your mood, foster a sense of calm, and bring joy – you are going to have to come to your senses.

Here are ways that I use my space to engage all five of my senses:

Sight – From the moment you walk in the door, you want your space to be filled with things that bring you joy. From the paint on your walls, the knickknacks on your end tables, and the carpet on your floors, you should feel a sense of warmth as your eyes glide across your space.  I have been trying to slowly create my perfect aesthetic since moving to Oregon last August. I have opted for a minimalistic approach, housing only a bed, desk and nightstand in my room. My sheets are simple: grey and white with small geometric patterns that add interest without distraction. My desk is wood, and is a space to display my plants and computer. The only thing hung in my room is a scratch-off map of the world, the watercolors revealing where I have been. The simple, clean, and bright aesthetic I have opted for allows my mind to wander, create, and think with limited distraction. Plants, juxtaposing textures, photographs, or travel souvenirs are a great way to engage your sight in a way that will bring you joy.

Touch – There is little better than climbing into a warm bed, cozying up in a fluffy blanket, or wiggling your toes on a microplush memory foam bathmat. Fill your space with textures you love. Simple fixes like a new pillow, doormat, or bath towel are affordable and easy ways to pleasure your senses. With a greater investment, a new mattress, couch, or kitchen countertops can also leave you with lasting gratification. After spending a month living on an air mattress, I am grateful every time I climb onto my memory foam mattress and snuggle up in my favorite blanket.

Smell – One of the easiest ways to instantly create calmness or transport us to a different time and place, smell is a powerful sense that is often underutilized. From fresh-baked cookies to clean linens, there are so many scents your house can naturally produce. Play those notes up with candles or sprays. I have been loving my diffuser as a quiet and pet-safe way to make my room smell great all day. I have been using a citrus scent that is magically calming and energizing at the same time. Ylang-ylang is another favorite of mine. Whether you are using a pillow spray, perfume, or simply a hand lotion before bed, scents are a great way to make any space feel homey.

Taste – One of my favorite things about going to my grandmother’s house is knowing that she will have a bowl of chocolate covered raisin in her living room. The promise of this little treat makes me excited to be in her space. So for me, a bowl of chocolate covered raisins is an easy way to warm my heart. Simple ways to engage taste include having a cup of tea in your favorite mug at night or keeping a bowl of fruit on display in your kitchen. Taste is the hardest sense to engage, but its transportive powers make it a sense not to be overlooked.

Sound – Whether you are trying to liven up your space or relax it, sound will come into play. A good speaker that can be moved from room to room is a must. I love my speaker because it is element-proof, so I can play Spotify even in the shower or on the deck. For more natural sounds, opt for wind chimes, a small water feature, or a crackling fire. Noisli is a great way to recreate these sounds artificially.

I hope this post inspires you to find ways to engage all five senses in your space. You will be amazed to find how positively it can affect your mood!


What are your tricks for playing up your senses in your space? Let us know below.


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