January Favorites 2018


New year, who dis?

Ah, we are already 1/12th done with 2018. Are your resolutions off to a good start? Well, if you have big goals like myself (see my resolutions here), then you need all the help you can get in streamlining the other parts of life.

Today I am going to chat about my favorite (free!) tech tools.

  1. Boomerang – Ever find yourself about to send an important message on Gmail only to find that it is way past acceptable business hours? I mean, just because I am checking my email at 10PM doesn’t mean I want my mentor to be doing the same (plus, I think it shows a disrespect for his or her work-life balance). But now I have to remember to go into my drafted messages and press send at 8AM. *eye roll* Enter, Boomerang. This Google Chrome extension allows you to schedule up to 10 messages to be sent monthly. So now I can schedule that drafted email to be sent at my desired time – which has been perfect with all of the international emails I have been sending. Boomerang can also keep track of whether or not you receive a reply to an important email by boomeranging that message to the top of your inbox if you don’t hear back within a certain amount of time.
  2. OneTab – Back when MBA year two kicked off, I found myself with some 40 tabs opened and realized my biggest fear in life was my Google Chrome crashing. Luckily, my friend Brett told me about OneTab and I have been spreading its merits ever since. This Google Chrome extension converts all of your tabs into…well, one tab. What I like most about this extension is that I can group my tabs into categories. Added bonus, OneTab saves your battery life and can speed up your computer by reducing the CPU load.
  3. f.lux – I am my best self and most able to achieve my goals after a good night’s sleep. But I am also a student and on my computer right up until I call it a night. And apparently that blue light keeps you awake. I downloaded f.lux to automatically adjust my screen’s color temperature according to location and time of day. So by my set time of 7PM, my computer loses the blue hue and casts instead an orangey glow. If you are looking to reduce eye strain and reduce disruptions of sleep patterns, give f.lux a try.
  4. Noisli – I love listening to music, but I find the lyrics distracting when I am studying. Searching for free customizable background music, I found Noisli. Here, you can mix different nature sounds, background noises (like coffee shops and trains), and pink/white/blue noises together. I personally like to mix together rain, animal noises, and a crackling fire for my perfect backdrop tunes.
  5. Momentum – Upon opening your Chrome browser, Momentum asks you to set a goal for your day. This is a simple way to keep your goals top of mind and set manageable daily tasks.

I hope these free tech tools help you get your New Year’s Resolutions off to a great start!


What are your favorite tech tools? Let us know below.


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