Trimming The Fat


Five ways to trim the holiday fat.

The rich foods, family obligations, and being “on” constantly (so many life updates to give at those see-you-once-a-year holiday parties), may have left you feeling a little heavier in 2018 than in 2017.

Here are five ways to trim the holiday fat:

  1. Unsubscribe – Black Friday! Christmas! Boxing Day! You’ve been getting sale notifications up the a$$. Put a stop to being inundated by retailers and take five seconds per email and press unsubscribe, or use my favorite tool Plus, we don’t need more reasons to spend after the holidays – we are already broke.
  2. Exercise – OK, not original here, but your body will thank you. Get outside and get moving! Bonus points if you start a new exercise regime like Zumba or boxing. I personally have been rock climbing since the new year.
  3. Unfollow – If you are anything like me, you looked at the number of people you follow on Instagram and said, “damn, there is no way I know over 500 people well enough to keep up with their daily lives.” I found that when I follow celebrities or strangers, I usually don’t draw inspiration from these accounts – just comparisons. Don’t spend your life watching others live theirs.
  4. Go Golden – A Glass of Golden Milk, or turmeric milk, can be both a great way to unwind at night and help your body get back to its pre-holiday norm. Add turmeric, milk, honey, cracked pepper, cinnamon, ginger, and coconut oil to a pot and warm up. Then drink it down! Turmeric (or more precisely, curcumin) is packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds, and is definitely something that I eat every day. Give this a try. Oh, and while in Australia this past December I found a café that served turmeric lattes and it was amazing.
  5. Meditation – It is a new year and you are likely trying to reset many aspects of your life (get that diet back on track, earn that promotion, or learn a new skill). Meditation is a great way to add some intentionality into your life. I personally love Headspace and have been using it for months now every morning.

And don’t stop here. For some similar inspo, check out 5 Ways to Declutter Your Online Life.


What are your tips for trimming the mental, physical, and emotional holiday fat? Let us know below.



4 thoughts on “Trimming The Fat

  1. Jeanette

    Good post, Tess! Having recently left a job, I found that my email life is incredibly unfettered! I was getting well over 100 emails daily — most work-related, but a surprising number of essentially junk messages from lists I had been on over the years. I never took the time to unsubscribe (‘too busy, I’ll just delete and get to it when I have time’). It’s been so liberating to be on a new email that receives limited messages. But, the junk is already starting to come in and I will be unsubscribing as I go! 😄

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  2. Mary Jankowske

    Great ideas Tess. I have just started getting back in the gym (due to everyone around our town having the flu I quit going for 2 months Dec & Jan, thought the gym was a great place to share germs) It is still winter & icy, slippery here, but as soon as nice weather comes I’ll be back out there walking Daisy Dog on the trails in Lapeer (it is 1 mile around the pond) the dog & I both need to shed some pounds. I have also tackled decluttering my house. This is a major job as Terry is a pack rat. But I’ve emptied closets, thru everything on the floor & actually had fun sorting thru stuff, one pile to donate, one pile to take to auction, one pile for consignment store (who couldn’t use a little extra cash after the holidays) and one pile to put back in the closet. It is a slow process but actually quite a work out just doing it. My closets are looking better already. Need to start on the kitchen cupboards now. I can honestly say, the more I do, the more energy I gain. You lose that energy sitting around at the holidays eating Christmas cookies. LOL

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  3. Hi Mary! That flew has been going around! Walking a dog is a great way to get some fresh air, see your neighborhood, and get some steps in! Plus Daisy will be happy too! And nothing makes me happier than purging! Like you said, it is so fun and such a dopamine dump. I really like putting an Audible book on in the background while I sort. Keep up the awesome work! Thanks for reading and commenting!


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