The Badass List


Sometimes we forget just how badass we are.

Have you ever had just a really crappy day? Or week? Or month? Or year? Yeah, me too. Friends say hurtful things, loved ones get sick, and dates stand you up… And then you realize it is only Wednesday.

Life happens and the only thing you can control is your attitude. So, move your #baditude over and start jotting down a list of why you are worthy, impactful, brave, competent, and all-around badass.


Here are some topics to keep in mind as you create your list:

  • Have you traveled to many different parts of the world?
  • Have you built something?
  • Have you moved to a new country?
  • Have you learned multiple languages?
  • Have you gone on epic adventures?
  • Where you the first to do something, even within your family?
  • Have you pushed your body to new limits?
  • Have you earned advanced degrees?
  • Have you built up a reputation of success without advanced degrees?
  • Have you raised great kids?

We live in a society where it is so easy to compare ourselves to others. We are swiped left or right upon based on our looks, have normalized seeing the world through an Instagram filter, and can have our entire professional background be judged in a few simple key strokes (thanks, LinkedIn). Sometimes we need a reminder of why we are – I’ll say it again – worthy, impactful, brave, competent, and all-around badass.

Oh, and in case anyone hasn’t told you today, you are a badass.


What is on your badass list? Let us know below.

Here are a few of mine:

  • Have you traveled to many different parts of the world? I have been to 22 countries and 12 States.
  • Have you built something? This blog! Two years strong now and has been read in over 80 countries.
  • Have you gone on epic adventures? I have dogs sledded on a glacier in Alaska, white water rafted in Costa Rica and Spain, traveled solo in Bali, zip lined in Mexico, skydived on the California coast, and pet a kangaroo in Australia.
  • Have you pushed your body to new limits? I ran my first half-marathon at 24 and have my second this April!
  • Have you earned advanced degrees? I earned my undergraduate degree five years ago and will have my Master’s in June!

2 thoughts on “The Badass List

  1. Jeanette

    Hi Tess! I am a total badass because I worked hard and cheerfully for lots of years, made saving money for a secure retirement a multi-decade priority, and retired really early (56). Loved my jobs and career, but am currently really loving retirement! Taking classes just for fun, which also makes me truly badass. Learning for life, baby!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Truly badass!! You rock! I just set up a Mint account today to keep track of my money better and budget more. Hopefully I’ll be able to follow in your foot steps! Thanks for reading and commenting!


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