My Nighttime Routine


5 steps to my perfect night.

I have my morning routine on lock down, so now it is time to conquer my nighttime routine, and here is what I’ve been testing out for a few months now.

Here are five things that I do every night:

  1. Get In the Mood – For sleep that is. I keep the lights low at least an hour before bed, or else that artificial light tricks my body into thinking it is still day time. These dimmable, remote-controlled copper wire lights are my favorite. With ten different settings, they provide the perfect amount of soft light for any occasion.
  2. Set Myself Up for Success – I love to prep for my morning and ensure everything will go smoothly and nothing will be forgotten. I look at my calendar and weather app for the next day and lay out my outfit, including undies, shoes, and socks. I don’t want to have to make decisions in the morning (decision fatigue is real!) and standing in front of my closet fresh out of the shower in the Oregon cold is less than appealing. I also prep my breakfast and gather all of my belongings for my school/gym/work bag.
  3. Read –  I love to read. But, with this MBA program, I often find that I don’t read for pleasure like I want to. So I started keeping a book by my night stand (well, actually I have five books…overkill) and picking it up each night. I would tell myself that I should read for 15 minutes and then could swap to something else that I needed/wanted to do. But I often found that once I picked the book up and settled in, I didn’t want to put it down! Reading at night is also helping me work toward my goal of being off all electronics one hour before bed.
  4. Pass Out My Gold Stars – I love a little recognition for a job well done, and a gold star is just that for me. Each night I fill out my habit tracker (see here) to keep my goals top of mind. It is a nice way to reflect on my day and think back to all that I did and accomplished. And I usually try to fill it in about an hour before bed, that way I have time to check off anything that I may have missed (like practicing my handstand or completing my Swedish lesson).
  5. Reflect – Keeping in line with #4, the last thing I do every night is write in my happiness and gratitude journal. I record just one event, thing, or moment that brought me happiness and gratitude throughout the day. Because even on the worst of days, there is still at least one thing that was shiny and bright. It is my favorite way to end my night and lets me drift to sleep feeling slightly more positive and happy.

These five things keep me productive, intentional, energized, and, more than anything, they bring me happiness.


What are your nighttime routines? Let us know below.


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