What to do in O’ahu


Follow me to Hawai’i!

Things were getting a little cold in Oregon last December (it was -1 ˚C when I left!), so I took advantage of my Winter break from the MBA program with a trip to Hawai’i. My family and I spent just three days in O’ahu, but I’ll take you along with us.

What to do in Honolulu:

  • Take a Helicopter Tour IMG_7573OK, this is an expensive one, I know, (costing near $300 a person for an hour), but it is the best way to see the island. We flew doors off with Novictor and had great views of Diamond Head, Stairway to Heaven, the North Shore, and Sacred Falls waterfall (which you can only see by helicopter). Truly worth the money for a great experience.
  • Surf IMG_0156.JPGWaikiki is renowned for the gentle surfing, so it is a great place if you are a beginner like me. If you are more experienced, check out North Shore, where the waves were 40 feet in December.
  • Have a Loco Moco IMG_7783A trip to Hawai’i isn’t complete without some of this local grub. Rice, topped with a hamburger patty (or Spam) and a runny egg, all smothered in gravy. I’d recommend splitting with a friend or two. Definitely not the most appealing thing, and not the tastiest either, but a must-try. Another great treat is shaved ice with ice cream, and taro donuts! Yum!
  • Skip Pearl Harbor IMG_6933So, you will see “Visit Pearl Harbor” over every travel tips post. I’m going to go against the grain here and say skip it. It is a full half day and you must reserve tickets months in advance, or show up before dawn to hopefully get a ticket. Once you are there, the two museums are lacking and you are only allowed 15 minutes in the USS Arizona Memorial (pro tip, you fly over this on the helicopter tour). Ultimately it was expensive and underwhelming. I wish I had climbed Diamond Head instead.
  • Kick Back IMG_7776You are in Hawai’i, on some of the world’s most gorgeous beaches! Be sure to plop down on the beach for a while and take it all in. And grab a drink (Mai tai, anyone?). We really enjoyed Maui Brewing Company, where there is often live music.

And of course, I spent some time monkeying around.


This was my second time to Honolulu and I love it more each time! I definitely hope to come again in the future (climbing Diamond Head in on my list!), but these few days were paradise!


What are your thoughts on O’ahu? Let us know below.


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